Before we went to Charlie's house, Criss went to his hotel room to get some of his workout clothes for gym. He wanted to work out with me, so I had to go to my room and some of my workout clothes too. I haven't been to an actual gym in a while, but I wanted to go. Not only would I have a workout, but I'll spend some time with Criss. I'm just glad to be connecting with him and not having a fight. We never usually fought when we were kids, but we did argue a little. It was just those two really bad ones that we had in the 90's and 2002. I just hope we don't have another one, especially anytime soon. Criss had this really sweet car that we drove in. I looked at him and said,"I'm excited." "Why?" "That I get to spend some time with tu and hang out with you. I really did miss you. That fight was totally out of line and my fault." "No, don't blame yourself. I know tu liked me, and I did too. I've had a crush on tu for years." "It's so stupid to say this, but....I can't say it. It's too embarrassing." "Nothing that tu say can be stupid, Lilith. Just say it." "I'm crazy about you. I have been in amor with tu since the first time I've met you. tu have turned out so wonderfully, and tu look even hotter than before! You've had this great and awesome past four years, while I've been miserable." "I was torn to pieces when tu walked out of there. I loved tu so much and I still have feelings for you." "So we amor each other now. Does this mean we start dating and live to our dreams of becoming a couple?" "I would amor that." "Really?" "Yeah. Lilith, you're so beautiful and sweet. I really wanna be with you." "Then that's it then. We're finally a couple. Just to tell tu right now, I like taking things slow." "I can respect that and understand that." "Skylar tried taking it too quickly, and I don't want that. I just want a nice subtle relationship with someone that loves me for my true self." "And I do! I always have. You're completely honest with me." We had a moment of awkward silence,until we got there.

I got dressed in the women's locker room. I put on my arco iris Rue 21 tank top, my black short shorts, my dark black hair into two cute side poni, pony tails, my blue and purple socks with a cereza, cerezo diseño at the bottom sides and my old size eight vans (geez, I look like a little girl!). I felt like I was on my way to my first día of kindergarten. I didn't care though. I just like to look like a little girl when I worked out. When I found Criss, I thought I would faint of sexy overload. He was on this exercising bar, with his tank parte superior, arriba rolled all the way up to his upper chest, exposing his abs and everything, and he was all sweaty and focused on what he was doing. I was just staring at him, until someone bumped into me, then I started to walk backwards and bumped into someone else. I'm such a major klutz. I bumped into this one girl as she said,"Whoa!" "Oh, I'm sorry! I'm such a major klutz." "That's cool, I am too! Hehe." "I was distracted." "Why? Hot guy alert?" "Yeah. Um, he is an old friend of mine and today we just became a couple." "Aw, so tu guys are like boyfriend and girlfriend now? That's like so freakin' sweet!" So, where is he?" "He's over there on the exercising bar." "The really smexy guy with dark hair and his abs showing? Omg! tu lucky b**ch! He's like uber smexy! OMG!! Is that Criss Angel?!! No freakin' way could you're boyfriend be Criss Angel!" "It's true, and he's really sweet." "No way! My sister was Mindfreaked por him and she dicho the same thing!" "I'm Lilith por the way." "Hi, I'm Gina. Yeah,just last night, my friend Mimi and I were just talking about him." "Mimi?" "Yeah, Mimi Greene." "You know Mimi Greene?!" "Yeah, why?" "I dated her brother, Skylar." "Ooh, really?! He's really cute, but a total psycho! He's totally mean to Mimi and treats her so badly." "I know. I'm good friends with Mimi. Even though I'm broken up with her brother, she's practically the sister I never had. Her brother stalks me though, after we broke up back in '02." "I know. He's horrible. He's always treated women like sh**, and doesn't care about anyone."

Gina and I started working out together and talking that I totally forgot about Criss' gifted bod. We had a lot of things in common and similarities. We both had arachniphobia, loved heavy metal in the fall and winter, but liked más of older música and late 90's alternative ska/pop in the spring and summer, and liked sushi. She was very impressed that I was related to Jared Padalecki, and that my parents were former hippies and that I knew a lot of languages. A few minutos later, Criss came along and said,"Hey Lilith, sorry to interrupt but we have to go to the hospital." "Why, what's wrong?" "Charlie's littlest daughter, Amy is sick again and she's been feeling horrible since last night. tu don't mind going to the hospital and visiting her, right?" "No, of course not! I wanna go. I'll go change and be in the car. Gina, go ahead and give me your number, and Criss go ahead and change into your normal clothes. I'll be right there." After Gina scribbled her phone number on my arm, I changed and climbed into the car.

When we got to the hospital room, I saw a little girl with bright green eyes, pale blond hair and pale skin. She looked around 5 o 6 years old and there were two other girls in the room; a goth looking thirteen año old and a sixteen año old grunge looking girl. They looked very sad, but the little sick girl had this huge smile on her face when looking at Criss. She looked at him and said,"Mean old germs got me again!" Criss grabbed a chair and sat siguiente to her bed. He scooted closer to her and replied,"Really? I'm sorry. How long do tu have to stay again?" "Not long. Dr. Quinn dicho it might be a few days." "You just got out of here, though. tu get sick so much,sweetie." "I know. I wish Nemo was here. He can take me to the ocean and I can live in the pretty rosado, rosa coral with him and not worry about ever getting sick. I'll be a mermaid. I can still be a girl, but yet be a pescado at the same time!" Criss chuckled slightly and smiled at this adorable little girl. Amy looked at the thirteen año old and said,"Cassie, can tu paint my nails like Dory's again? It's chipping off." Cassie smiled and said,"Yeah. I'll paint them again." The sixteen año old took Criss to a corner near the door, so I walked over there to see what's wrong. The girl said,"I wish this would just end. She's only five! She doesn't deserve this at all. I feel so bad right now. Mom's out on business and she's stressed as hell right now and Dad's just trying to help and Cassie and I are yelled at constantly to do this and that and they yell at us if we do anything wrong. It's like they're not Mom and Dad anymore." Criss hugged her and replied,"I know it's hard right now, but Amy will feel better. She's really strong and determined." "I know, I know she's been through worse, but I just hate that she goes through it." Criss and Janice walked back over there. I sat beside of Cassie and Amy, while Criss was trying to help Janice calm down. I feel so bad for this family. They don't deserve this at all.

When I went back to my hotel room that night, I found a note from Mom and Dad that read: "Lil Lil, your dad and I are going to be out really late tonight. We're really enjoying ourselves! tu kinda scared us at first about leaving with that weird magician guy, but someone told us who that was and we were thrilled that tu and him were catching up. Also, you're cousin Jared is supposed to be coming to Vegas soon! Also, in the morning, we have to discuss something with you.
-Mom ;)"

I was so excited! Yay! Jared's coming! I amor it when he visits. I hope he brings his friend Jensen because those two are so funny and awesome hanging out with each other around other people. I went to my room, showered, changing into my awesome Spongebob pajama night-gown (I'm a nerd, deal with it!) and prayed for Amy and her family before I went to bed. I was hoping with enough faith, her and her family can be happy again. I was also hoping as soon as I hit the pillow, I would dream of Criss. He hasn't changed that much, except a little in appearance. This día has really gotten my mind off of Skylar and my career. It was so fun! I got to spend time with Criss, I got to see Criss work out and have his camisa, camiseta off (*drools, dies of over sexiness*), meet someone new that understands my issue with Skylar, help Criss with that little sick girl,Amy, and her family, and look adelante, hacia adelante to tomorrow and Jared's visit. I'm worn out, though, but at least I feel relaxed and calm. I haven't felt so sleepy from so much in one día (in a positive way) in months. It feels good going to be knowing that tu don't have to deal with a stalker o drama the siguiente day.