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After Derek had finished vomiting in the bathroom, he didn't feel too well. He came out of there holding his stomach. "Are tu sure you're OK?" Hotch asked with a high level of concern in his voice. "I'm fine. Just an upset stomach." Derek answered. *I guess the splashed water on my face didn't help.* he thought as he walked out of the Chicago Jail Station. Derek was so over-whelmed with confronting his old abuser Carl Buford, the bad emotions literally made him throw up because of it! He had splashed the water on his face to keep himself from crying. "I think I know the perfect song to cheer...
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So, we all know that Season 4 of Criminal Minds ended (what a season finale!).
Unfortunately, we have to wait a long time until we finally get Season 5 (I think it will be around September o so).

Here is the CBS schedule for Criminal Minds reruns for June 2009.

6/3/09 - "Memoriam" written por Dan Dworkin & arrendajo, jay Beattie

6/10/09 - "Normal" written por Andrew Wilder

6/17/09 - "Soul Mates" written por Debra J. Fisher & Erica Messer

6/24/09 - "Bloodline" written por Mark Linehan Bruner

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