Early the siguiente morning, Spencer and Derek were awakened por the Blake Shelton smash "Boys 'Round Here" as the alarm went off. "GOD, REID!" Derek yelled sleepily as the loud volume irritated his current headache. Spencer hit the snooze button. "I didn't realize the volume was that loud." he replied in a shaky tone. "Maybe tu should've told me." Derek argued sarcastically. Spencer rolled his eyes and headed towards the bathroom. He didn't have time to argue.

Over at the police station, the team kept describing what the unsub had also done. "What do tu have, Garcia?" Blake asked as she spoke into the phone intercom. "I have here a very unusual background." Penelope answered. "The unsub started abducting women when he was 17. Then, here's the weird part, he stopped when he me his wife." she continued. "What made him start that up again?" Hotch asked. "After his wife left him." Penelope answered. "This IS a weird unsub." Derek stated with a stuffy nose.

"Here's what got me. He has this disorder where he thinks of certain stuff differently." Spencer theorized. "What kind of stuff?" Blake asked. "If someone told a joke, the unsub would find it offensive." Spencer answered. "About that, he was diagnosed with his disorder when he was 10." Penelope stated. "When he was still abducting, he'd kill the men, but let the women go." Spencer stated getting a feeling. "Search on why he didn't kill the women, Garcia." Hotch ordered. "On it." Penelope replied as she hung up.

"How are tu feeling, Derek?" Hotch asked. "I'm feelin' better." Derek answered. He looked over at Spencer. "I need to ask Reid somethin' really quick." he said. "Go ahead." Hotch replied. "You OK, kid?" Derek asked. "I'm fine." Spencer lied.

Derek gave him an "I'm not buying that." look. Spencer sighed quietly. "Alright, I'll admit it. I've decided I'm going to talk to my sleep therapist." he spilled. "That's good." Derek lightened. "I had a horrible nightmare about Raphael." Spencer stated. Derek's jaw dropped slightly. "When?" he asked. "Last night." Spencer answered.

"At least you're gettin' help." Derek reassured as he put a hand on Spencer's shoulder. "When are tu going to do something about those bad allergies?" Spencer asked. "I'm goin' to the doctor when we leave here." Derek answered grabbing something for allergy relief. "They're THAT bad?" Spencer asked. "Yes!" Derek answered wishing the pain in his throat would stop. Spencer walked out of the room. He got his phone and dialed his sleep therapist's number.