Codename: Kids siguiente Door Who is your favourite parent of the KND?

Pick one:
Numbuh 0 (Numbuh 1&# 39; s dad)
Numbuh 0 (Numbuh 1's dad)
Numbuh 999 (Numbuh 1&# 39; s mum)
Numbuh 999 (Numbuh 1's mum)
Betty Gilligan (Numbuh 2&# 39; s mum)
Betty Gilligan (Numbuh 2's mum)
Genki Sanban (Numbuh 3&# 39; s mum)
Genki Sanban (Numbuh 3's mum)
Kani Sanban (Numbuh 3&# 39; s dad)
Kani Sanban (Numbuh 3's dad)
Sydney Beetles (Numbuh 4&# 39; s dad)
Sydney Beetles (Numbuh 4's dad)
Missus Beetles (Numbuh 4&# 39; s mum)
Missus Beetles (Numbuh 4's mum)
Doctor lincoln (Numbuh 5&# 39; s dad)
Doctor lincoln (Numbuh 5's dad)
Missus lincoln (Numbuh 5&# 39; s mum)
Missus lincoln (Numbuh 5's mum)
Bradley&# 39; s parents
Bradley's parents
MIster Boss (Numbuh 86&# 39; s dad)
MIster Boss (Numbuh 86's dad)
Grandfather (Numbuh 0&# 39; s dad)
Grandfather (Numbuh 0's dad)
Missus Fulbright (Numbuh 86&# 39; s mum)
Missus Fulbright (Numbuh 86's mum)
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