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There was a ton of work to be done before ANYONE could play outside. The Smiths had a wonderful backyard. Kacey couldn't wait to play tackle football with arrendajo, jay and Wally. It would be pandemonium for the boys, and fun for Kacey. But since there's a ton of wind, EVERYONE had to do shovel work.
"It's not our fricken house. Why should we do work?" Wally complained.
"Because!" arrendajo, jay shouted. "My Mom dicho because tu broke my RC Car tu have to do work." Wally looked at him weird.
"You're an idiot." Wally said. "You still have to do work too." arrendajo, jay stuck out his tongue and worked. Kacey was done in...
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"It's terrible!" Kuki shrieked.
"It's unimaginable!" Kacey cried.
"It's so worth the $125!" Kiki squealed.

For most teens, having to babysit on a Friday night isn't very fun; no matter how much they'd get paid. Kiki, however, couldn't wait to start the job. She had made a deal with a certain villain last week to watch his daughter. After a lot of bartering and a couple of threats, Kiki agreed to watch Val...for $100. Then, over the week, she was approached por Hoagie's mom who offered to pay her 8 bucks to watch Tommy. Then Kuki's parents who offered to pay her 10 bucks to watch Mushi. Then by...
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As the darkness fell among the small S.C.A.M.P.E.R. that was hovering over the postres on the border of Texas, Hoagie announced that they were stopping for the night. He landed the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. safely near a tree. Maddy couldn't handle sleeping in the dessert. She went berserk.
"NO!" Maddy cried. "We have to keep going!"
"Go to bed." Megan called from underneath the chairs. (She did not want any part of Hoagie tonight)
"C'mon, Maddy!" Val called from where she and Minerva were. "You can sleep with us!" Maddy trotted over to Minerva and Val. They were up all night talking. (Well, at least...
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Wally walked down the hall. arrendajo, jay walked down the hall at the same time. They bumped into each other.
"Watch it, Beetles!" arrendajo, jay said. arrendajo, jay had a remote in his hand. Then, an RC Car came running through the house. It tripped Wally. "Ha! That'll teach ya to mess with arrendajo, jay Smith!" Wally was fed up. He tackled Jay.
"Don't tu test ME!" Wally shouted. He got arrendajo, jay in a head lock. Kacey was heading to the cocina but ended up in the middle of arrendajo, jay and Wally's fight. They each had a bloody nose.
"Hey! Break it up!" Kacey yelled. Neither boy stopped. Kacey had no other choice than to tackle them both and get...
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"If tu shove me again, I'll spank the crap out of you!"
"SHUT UP!!!"
Sectors V, Q, and David and Christian of SV had all gathered in Sector V's S.C.A.M.P.E.R. It was a long ride from Arizona to Texas, but hey, what're friends for?
"If tu guys don't stop fighting, I will turn this thing around!" Hoagie screamed. Minerva stuck her tongue out and shoved Val again.
"Hey!" Val yelled. "I warned you!" Val leaped toward Minerva. But Minerva, like her father, was quick and moved away before Val could spank her. Kiki had enough.
"Alright guys, this is MY mission and I can shove all of you...
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Kiki slowly stomped down the block; half asleep, still in her pajamas, and glasses clipped onto her shirt.
"There tu are!", dicho Kacey, "Now, did tu grab the monster fighting kits?"
Kiki dug through her backpack.
"I've got your S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R, my G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A., and Hoagie's V.L.A.M.P.P. Will that work?"
Kacey did a facepalm.
"It's the best I could come up with on short notice. LIVE WITH IT!" she growled.
Kacey snarled back. Kiki backed off a little bit.
"Now, do me a favor, and lead me to the front door, k?" She asked semi-sweetly.
"Why? Can't tu do that yourself?"
"Hello! I'm the one with 20/200...
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There was nothing worse than being stuck in the middle row of a camioneta, van with your cousin. And that's exactly how 11-year-old Kacey Dodson felt. Sitting siguiente to Wally Beetles was not the treat. She looked over at the little notebook he was scribbling on. It was a picture of Wally with muscles and Kuki feeling them. The título said: Kuki Loves Wally. Kacey giggled. Wally noticed that Kacey was looking. He hid the drawing. In the row behind them were Lucas, 9, and Nikolas Dodson, 6, who were playing their nintendo DS's. In between them was Joey Beetles, 1, who was sleeping. Kacey pulled out her phone....
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Kacey exited Beth Hansen's house, laughing triumphantly. The little smart mouth finally got what she deserved. She gingerly rubbed her palm.
"I think I might have smacked her a LIIIIIIIIIITTLE too hard." she thought. She took out her list.
"Ok, now I gotta get....." her finger scrolled down the list, "....Taylor Booth." She smiled....then groaned.
"She lives in that HUGE house on the other side town! I'm NOT flying that far!"
She snapped her fingers, remembering the other way to get to her house. She threw her cape over her face, and disappered in a nube of purple smoke. She appeared in front...
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Everyone gasped. Except for Val. She ran towards the not-so-Count and hugged him tight.
"Hi, Daddy!" She yelled.
"Hello, sweetheart!" The Count said. Kiki watched carefully. Val's single fang disappeared.
"Um, hi." Wally said. Everyone was shivering in fear. Wally was the only one who had the nerve to talk.
"W- w- what's going on?" Maddy asked. She was now scared because everyone else was.
"The Count isn't The Count anymore." Megan told her sister.
"I'm not The Count!" The-Not-Count said. "I'm Bogdan!"
"Bogdan?" Kacey whispered.
"Yes! Bogdan!" Bogdan said.
"You idiots!" Hoagie yelled. "That...
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Now, there were seven vampires. (including The Count) The Toilenator thought it was cool. He ran around saying: "I vant to suck your blood!" Kacey watched. It was dumb. Then, she headed to the Girls' bath room.
"It's seguro to come out now." Kacey said. Megan and Abby came out. Maddy was over-joyed to see them.
"I sprayed this dumb vampire guy with mustard!" She told her sister. Megan pretended to like it. Then, Wally snuck up on them.
"BOO!" He said. Everyone jumped back. Wally got a laugh out of Kuki and Kiki.
"Quit messing around, Vally!" Christian said. "Ve have to make our army bigger!"...
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Kacey returned to the classroom about 5 minutos later. She sat down at her desk. Mr. Yorke had dado each kid a sheet of paper. They were supposed to write down what they thought science was. Kristin was half-way done, Ian was still thinking of ideas, and Sam had a pencil up his nose. Kacey began writing. At 1: 15, the kids shared their papers. Kacey wasn't called on until half the class shared. When she was finally called on, Kacey read her paper aloud. On her 3rd of 4th sentence, the fuego drill went off. Everyone was startled and raced to the door.
"AttenSHUN!" Mr. Yorke called. Everyone...
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''gimme that!''
Abby made her way through the hectic costume shop, diving, jumping and weaving her way threw frazzled customers, her cowgirl costume hanging limply at one side. It was 1 día until Halloween, and everyone seemed to have lost there minds. With an exasperated gasp, she handed her costume to the cashier.
''That'll be ten fifty.'' The rather bored looking teenage worker dicho blandly.
Numbuh 5 forked over the money and headed twords the door. Unfortunately, a rather, Ummmmmm, ''big boned'' woman staggered in at the same time. her protruding stomach pressed Abby...
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"HEY! Careful! That's my shot arm!" Kuki yelped at Hoagie.
He let out an apologetic grunt.
The newly "monster-ified" members of Sector V and Q had just come through a portal from Spooksylvania that lead to their town. Now all they had to do is find some kids to assimilate.
Valentina and Maddy were near the back having a bit of an argument.
"Werewolves are the best! We have superior hunting abilities. AND we make perfect pets!"
"Verevolfs? As pets? HA! vampiros are FAR más superior! Ve can hypnotize people to vhatever ve desire!"
Abby grabbed both...
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Friday was no better. Wally was forced to wear purple and/or green. He just put on one of Kacey's old jerseys. There. víbora, viper Pride. Walking to school was the worst. Kuki wouldn't even look at him. Not that he wanted her to. Their fight last night caused everything. Now she was gonna go tell Falken. Perfect, Wally thought.
"Wally Beetles!" Mrs. Wann called. Wally looked up from his desk.
"Huh?" He asked. The class giggled.
"Your project!" Mrs. Wann said. Your Social Studies project!" Wally stopped. PROJECT? He's dead.
"P- p- p- project?!?!?!?!"...
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It was Thursday. 2 days before the dance. Wally had lasted 2 days of recess with Falken. Everything seemed to turn out OK. Kuki sat siguiente to Wally during Thursday's lunch. He decided to talk to her.
"Eh, um, Kuki?" Wally asked. Kuki took a bite of her sandwich, chewed it, and swallowed.
"Yeah, Wally?" Kuki asked. Wally gulped.
"Um, about Falken," Wally began. "I don't really like the guy as much as you." Kuki smiled.
"You don't have to!" Kuki said. "As long as we're still friends!"
"Friends..." Wally said. "Yeah..."
Outside Kuki...
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Everyone gasped.
"You mean he....?" Kuki started
"With the kids....?" Wally quivered
"And the 'SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!' and the 'BAD! BAD! BAD!'?" Kacey shuddered.
Kiki shook her head. "Worse! He....are tu ready for this?"
Everyone hesistated, but nodded.
Everyone's eyes grew to the size of cena plates.
"You heard me!":

"He laughed! Not evilly, was más of a HAPPY laugh. We were all shocked.
'You got me! tu actually got me! For a bunch of misbehaving 5th graders, tu guys are REALLY smart!'
We all hesitated, but laughed along with him. Then the happy 'you got...
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Once again Wally was stuck in class. While the kids were at recess, Mrs. Wann graded the papers. Wally got a -7.
"How would I get a -7?" Wally had asked.
"Because tu doodled instead of doing the work." Mrs. Wann had told him.
So, here he was sitting in his desk. Instead of doing the group activity in Writing, he was counting dots on the ceiling. Every 26 dots he would re- count a dot and then think: "Oh! Didn't I count that one already?" and would lose count, and had to start over again.
The last campana of the día rang.
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