Three years hace today, Codename: Kids siguiente Door came to an end in the United States with it's finale, Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. The mostrar was considered to be one of Cartoon Network's most successful, having run for six full seasons, a feature-length movie and a finale special. While KND was not Cartoon Network's most popular mostrar in terms of quantity of fans, the fans it did have were abnormally dedicated to the show. So, in this articulo I will summarize some of the reasons why this series was so special.

Note: This is an "opinion" article. It is based on my personal thoughts and I am not, in any way, trying to enforce my own opinions onto those who disagree. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, so please respect that when lectura this, o any other opinion-based articles. In return, I will accept your thoughts too. Also, please feel free to add o expand on your personal favourite things about the series in the comentarios below. I'd amor to hear them!

10. The Production Blog
During the making of the series, the lead colour artist wrote a weekly blog - known as KidsNextBlog - about what was going on in the studio. Concept art, recently approved character designs, new scenery, storyboards, animatics and sometimes even final scenes would be publicado on this blog. KND began around the time the Internet was becoming really popular; everyone was getting Broadband and spending más and más time surfing the web. Many companies in the media industry (especially those involved in animation) have been known to showcase their pre-production and production work online, though few do it as thoroughly and regularly as the KND Production Blog.

9. The fan Theories
Anyone who got deeply involved in the online community will remember when Mr Warburton himself started saying, "you'll never guess who Numbuh 86 is related to!" And it certainly kept us guessing. In fact, there were a few surprises along the series that were quite shocking. In the feature-length movie Operation: Z.E.R.O, we discover just how interesting Numbuh One's family árbol is! We also find out something about the Delightful Children from Down the Lane. And perhaps the most bizarre thing ever revealed in the series is the truth we find out about Heinrich Von Marzipan in Operation: C.A.R.A.M.E.L. 'Shipping has also been popular in the KND fandom. Would Numbuh Four ever be Valiente enough to tell Numbuh Three how he felt? Would Numbuh One and Lizzie always be together, o was there a break-up coming their way? One of these preguntas were answered in one of the very last episodes, Operation: G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D, and two upcoming marriages were confirmed in the series finale.

8. The "Artsy" Episodes
If tu have ever attended an animación festival, tu will know that the best word to describe the average work they showcase is, "weird". The generic festival piece consists of abstract hidden meanings, quite often mixed media (or at least mixed styles) and usually little o no storyline. In each season of KND, an artistic episode was produced so that it could be entered in such festivals, from Operation: T.H.E-F.L.Y in season 1 to Operation: S.C.I.E.N.C.E in season 6.

7. The Acronyms
Almost every episode name and 2x4 Technology weapon had an acronym of some sort. And every acronym cleverly explained what that episode was about - o what the 2x4 Technology could do. When the series started, I was impressed por how clever and creative this was, but had my doubts that they would be able to keep it up for the entire series - o at least come up with storylines that can be described in an appropriate acronym. I was so glad that they managed to keep up the great work throughout.

6. Creative Parodies
Imagine King Kong as a gigantic arco iris Monkey grabbling at Numbuh Two's 2x4 Tech plane while climbing up the treehouse. Imagine a light saber fight with broomsticks. Imagine Numbuh Five taking the role of Indiana Jones - in three different episodes. Imagine a version of Pirates Of The Caribbean, where all the undead pirates are made of licorice... black licorice. Imagine a famous Monty pitón, python sketch creeping into a serious mission. And imagine the classic game of dodgeball taken to a whole new epic level. Or, tu know, tu could just watch KND and save the effort! Parodies are something that are done often in television, but they are not always done with meaning o creativity. If tu want to see parodies done right, tu can't go wrong with KND.

5. A Cinematic Series
Watching an episode of KND feels like tu are watching an action movie. Some of this may be due to the writers' tendency to parody famous films, but there was definitely something "epic" about the cartoon's atmosphere. Clever camera angles (which is thanks mostly to the storyboard artists), a theatrical soundtrack, and sometimes emotion from the characters. It seemed that everyone involved in the show's production were in tune with each other, and the exciting build-ups and surprising plot twists made KND stand out amongst the other Cartoon Network shows of this century.

4. The Sense of Humour
Slapstick humour. Witty lines. Silly irony. Grotesque jokes. Proud stupidity *coughNumbuh4cough*. Dramatic build-ups to things that really aren't dramatic at all. KND seems to pretty much cover every style of cartoon humour at some point. We all have our favourite memorable lines from the series, and for many of us our favouites include something that made us laugh.

3. Under 13s only? Yeah, right!!
While KND may be a Cartoon Network mostrar (a TV station dicho to be aimed at the 6-11 año old range), and while the characters are part of an organization that tu get kicked out of the día tu become a teenager, KND is not just a mostrar that children can enjoy. Many teens and adults have been known to become fans of the mostrar when watching it with their younger siblings o own kids. While the mostrar offers plenty for the target age group, there are certain styles of humour, storytelling and character development that's más likely to be picked up and enjoyed por the older audience. In short, KND has succeeded to appeal to a wide age range.

2. The Ongoing Storylines
Like I dicho earlier, this is not your average kids' show. The stories are in-depth and well thought out. One tiny detail in an earlier episode may turn out to be a "plant", as revealed in a latter episode. The attention to detail is incredible and nothing is ever straight forward. The storylines are full of unpredictable twists and will keep tu guessing, and of course wanting to find out more.

1. The Characters
tu could watch a TV mostrar that has a fantastic script, clever plot twists and great visual and sound quality. However, while these things may entice tu to watch more, tu could end up not bothering if the characters are flat. Lack of personality, overused stereotypes o just plain unlikable, in many cases a potentially good series can lack viewers because the characters simply aren't worth caring about. This is one of KND's most successful areas though. I must admit that, at first, I didn't think that a cartoon with five central characters was a very good idea; surely with más characters, each would get less attention o some would be favoured while others are never developed on. But did this happen? Certainly not! While some characters may have got más attention than others at times, each of the five main characters got their own share of episodes in which their personalities, backgrounds and interests were really looked into. As the seasons progressed, the characters went under development and más to their characters were added. It's also refreshing to see characters that are not based on stereotypes, but are made up of traits that belong to realistic people we all know, and that we can relate to and make connections with all the characters without them being too predictable. It's also not only the five main characters that have gone under serious character development, but many of the supporting characters and villains too. With such a wide range of interesting and likable characters, it's no wonder people cared so much about the events of the show, and how viewers still remember and amor the series today; three years after it came to it's conclusion.

Thanks for reading! I hope this has helped to bring back some good memories from the series and the online community.
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