Wally walked down the hall. arrendajo, jay walked down the hall at the same time. They bumped into each other.
"Watch it, Beetles!" arrendajo, jay said. arrendajo, jay had a remote in his hand. Then, an RC Car came running through the house. It tripped Wally. "Ha! That'll teach ya to mess with arrendajo, jay Smith!" Wally was fed up. He tackled Jay.
"Don't tu test ME!" Wally shouted. He got arrendajo, jay in a head lock. Kacey was heading to the cocina but ended up in the middle of arrendajo, jay and Wally's fight. They each had a bloody nose.
"Hey! Break it up!" Kacey yelled. Neither boy stopped. Kacey had no other choice than to tackle them both and get them both in head locks.
"Your idiot cousin bumped into me!" arrendajo, jay said.
"And that's a reason to make him angry?" Kacey asked. arrendajo, jay stammered. "Boy, you're dumb." arrendajo, jay tried to hit Kacey, but she grabbed his arm and bent it backwards. Kacey shook her head no. arrendajo, jay left the room in a scared kinda way.
A half hora later, Wally was sitting on the sofá watching TV. There were two reasons why he wasn't really paying any attention to it. One, the sliding glass door let in a ton of sunlight into the room, making the TV screen almost impossible to see. And two, there was nothing on except Bowling and Golf, cuz arrendajo, jay and Jade's parents don't bother to pay for cable. arrendajo, jay walked in the room. He was all grouchy-like. Then, he dicho something.
"My Mom says I should take tu up into my room and mostrar tu my new stuff." Wally gave him a weird look. It was a "Oh, here we go again." look. arrendajo, jay started to walk away. Wally decided to follow. At least this would be más entertaining than watching the same guy say "That's a spare, Dave!" over and over again.
Jay's room was way enfriador, refrigerador than it was last year. arrendajo, jay had framed a ton of Baseball cards that were signed por the players. Wally ooed at that. Then, he saw a whole thing of video games around the room. He ahed at that. Then, Wally saw Jay's RC Car on the bed. It was so amazing. It was supposedly a mustang. It had fresh red paint. It's wheels were shiny.
"Wow! Can I play with your RC Car?" Wally asked.
"No way! I just got it! I don't want tu to break it!" arrendajo, jay said. He scanned his bookshelf for something. Wally looked at the RC Car on Jay's bed. Then, he looked at the open window. He hatched an idea.
"Well, can I at least defenestrate the RC Car?" Wally asked. arrendajo, jay shot him a weird look.
"WHAT?!" arrendajo, jay screamed.
"Defenestrate. Can I?" Wally asked. arrendajo, jay had a puzzled look on his face.
"Yeah, sure. Whatever." arrendajo, jay replied. He went back to scanning the bookshelf. Wally picked up the car. His fingers slid across the rims. He sighed. It was for the best. He took the RC Car over por the window, and threw it straight out. (I bet tu can imagine the sound of an RC Car hitting the ground after being thrown out of a two-story window) When arrendajo, jay heard the sound, he went ballistic.
"WHAT DID tu DO TO MY RC CAR?!?!?!?!" arrendajo, jay shouted at the parte superior, arriba of his lungs.
"Hey, you're the one who dicho I could defenestrate it." Wally said.
"What? No I didn't!" arrendajo, jay screamed.
"Yes, tu did." Wally said. "Defenestrate means to throw something out the window. And tu dicho I could, so I did." Now, arrendajo, jay was confused.
"That's not the key issue right now! tu just threw a 200-dollar RC Car out the window!" arrendajo, jay yelled. "You're gonna pay for it!" Wally put his hands behind his back.
"Next time, don't allow people to defenestrate your stuff." Wally said. And with that, he skipped out of the room.
"Wow, and tu really did that?" Kacey yelled in amazement.
"Yup. My idea." Wally said.
"Dude, that is comedy gold!" Kacey dicho back. They were sitting down on the two beds. Wally was just telling Kacey what he did to the RC Car. Kacey was laughing so much. Wally was very pleased with himself. He hopped on the bed. It was 11:30 p.m. in Texas. They changed into their pajamas and hopped into bed. But Wally kept himself up. He continued his little drawings.