"Kacey, wait UUUUUUUP!" Wally whined, trying to catch up, " (pant) (pant) No fair! I've got shorter legs!" Kacey rolled her eyes, and slowed down a little. "You DO realize I'm still peeved at tu for scaring the crap out of Numbuhs 3 and 8, right?". Wally rolled his eyes, "It's not MY fault they're a buncha babies!"
"....Says the boy who almost wet himself during this morning's prank." his cousin retorted. Wally immediatley shut up. "Look, I'm gonna take a break from all this trick-or-treating and take a ride on the 'Freaky Ferris Wheel'. Do me a favor and hold my dulces bag". Wally got a mischevious look on his face. Kacey turned around one last time. "And if tu even take something as little as a Tootsie Roll, I'll kill you!" she snarled. When she got to the ride, there was something really strange: No line. Every other ride, even the little kiddie ones, had lines. REALLY long lines. Kacey thought nothing of it (actually, she thought "Woo-hoo! I don't have to wait in line!"), and ran up the stairs to the ride. She got strapped in to the seat, while the teenage operator unenthusiastically explained the rules. She rolled her eyes, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll let tu know when i wanna come down." The ferris wheel let out a big metallic groan, causing her to cringe. When Kacey reached the top, she saw the entire carnival and all the carnival-goers...who looked liked ants. After 2 minutes, she got really bored. "Okay!! I wanna come down!" she yelled. No response. "HEY! PIZZA-FACE!! Let me down!!!". Still no answer. She started to violently shake the asiento back and forth, hoping to get the teens attention, "GET ME OFF OF THIS-", then the saftey cinturón, correa snapped, throwing her over the saftey bar. She managed to catch it in time. Kacey's corazón was beating like a jackhammer; she was staring her biggest fear in the face. She tried calling for help, but the carnival música was playing WAY too loud for anyone to hear. "Maybe I can call Wally to come get me." Thank goodness HER KN-communicator was voice-activated o she'd be a pancake por now. No answer. All she could do was hold on for dear life.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the carnival, Wally was trying his luck at Skeeball (or in this case: Shriekball). He had enough tickets to get...a "Darling Dracula" arco iris Monkey. He groaned, but decided to give it to Kuki as a "I'm-sorry-I-scared-the-crap-out-of-you" gift. He stuffed his prize into his dulces bag, and accidentley pushed it's belly, causing it to talk. "Can I bite your neck?," it asked ",pretty pretty please?". Wally rolled his eyes. He blindly wandered into the far side of the carnival. He reached into his cousin's bag (that little TWERP!) and took out a Blow Pop. He accidently dropped both bags. The arco iris Monkey spoke again, "I vant to suck your blood! May I please have some?"
"Shut up, tu stupid-!" Wally looked up to see a bunch of clowns. And not just those stereotypical circus clowns, there were a few psycho-killer clowns. Standing in front of him was 5- well, actually 1 big lump- of clowns. The 5 clowns grabbed both bags and ran off, laughing evilly. Wally couldn't really do anything. He was paralyzed with fear.

On the other side of town, Kuki was storming down the block. She was P.O'ed at Wally for being such a butt-munch. She was also P.O.'ed at Kiki for not mostrando up and helping with the dulces collecting and calming her down from getting scared (Apperently, the Chainsaw Freak was a popular costume). She walked up to a very familiar house and rang the doorbell. There was no answer, but something reach out of the dog door and grabbed her foot. It was the hand of...The Chainsaw Freak! She shrieked with all her might and started violently shaking her leg. She looked down and saw that it wasn't really the Chainsaw Freak...It was little Joey...in a Chainsaw Freak costume. He was a little shaken up, but he was giggling. "Joey! tu goof! tu scared me!" she said. He answered her with his usual babbling (translated, it comes out to: "It's only a costume, jeez!"). Kuki laughed. "So all this time, I've really been scared of nothing?". Joey rolled his eyes. She picked him up and began tickling him. "Thanks, Joey! tu helped me get over my fear." Joey started squirming to get down. Then, Kuki got a call on her KN-communicator. It was an SOS. From Abby.