Operation: Future Kids
Chapter 2
año 2011

The five twelve año olds, return to their árbol house after a long día at school.
"That thing we watched was disgusting." dicho Numbuh two, (or Hoagie) while sitting down on the couch.
"I know! It was so gross, and it was right after lunch as well." dicho Numbuh four, (or Wally) while trying to get the imágenes out of his head.
"At least now, tu won't ask Numbuh five where do bebés come from?,ever again." dicho Numbuh five, (or Abby) while trying to sound like Hoagie. They were silent for five minutes, they tried to do what they always do, when they come inicial from school, but it was really uncomfortable, after learning were and how bebés were made. For fifteen minutes, three of them watched the televisión in silence, until Numbuh one (or Nigel) and Numbuh three, (or Kuki) came into the room.
"Come on guys, we have to get to the Moon Base now." dicho Numbuh one, while looking serious.
"What's your rush? Oh I get it, tu just want to see Numbuh three hundred and sixty two." dicho Wally, while him and the other three started laughing. Nigel blushed slightly, until he remembered why they were going up there.
"This isn't funny. This is an important mission, so everyone get into the C.O.O.L.B.U.S." dicho Numbuh one, while still looking serious. Everyone looked at him, and they all sang. "Nigel and Rachel, up a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. First comes love, segundo come's marriage, then a baby in a golden carriage, that's not all, that's not all, the baby is playing Basketball." chorused everyone, while they all started laughing.
"Quit it guys, it's not funny, now she wants to see us about the Dance." dicho Numbuh one, who looked really annoyed.
"Ohh, I get it now, tu want us there, just in case tu chicken out, while asking Numbuh three hundred and sixty two out to the dance, it's alright buddy we're here for you." dicho Hoagie, while winking at Numbuh one.
"She wants us to come up there, to talk about ideas and she wants us to do a speech." he said, while each and every one of them started laughing. After about five minutes, they all stopped laughing, and entered the C.O.O.L.B.U.S.
Mean while at the Moon Base….
Numbuh three hundred and sixty two (or Rachel) was waiting along side her two best friends, Numbuh eighty six, and Numbuh sixty. (Or Fanny and Patton) She waited, (what felt like hours to her) until a flying vehicle approached the landing dock. She waved at it, while it landed. She waited until Sector V got out of the vehicle.
"Sir." dicho Numbuh one, while saluting Numbuh three hundred and sixty two.
(right guys I can't be bothered to write the words out so I'll just use the numbers)
"Numbuh one, I see tu have all of your operatives. Now follow me to my office." she said, while beckoning them to follow her. They walked along numerous of corridors, until they reached her office. "Please wait here." she said, while opening her office door. Once she got inside, she pushed all of the secret files to one side of her desk, while getting out a notepad, and a pen. She then told everyone to come in her office. "Now let's get down to business." she said, while she sat down on her comfy seat, and Numbuh 60 shut the door.
"Numbuh one, would prefer más than that." whispered Numbuh 2, while four of them (him and his three friends) started laughing. Luckily only four of them heard the joke.
"So, does anyone have any ideas for the dance? Which is on siguiente Tuesday night at seven o'clock, until half nine." dicho Numbuh 362.
"How about we come up with a theme, to make the dance más exciting?" suggested Numbuh 5.
"Yes, but what will the theme be?" asked Numbuh 362.
"Oh, oh, I know." dicho Numbuh 3, while jumping up and down with her hand up.
"Yes Numbuh 3, what is it?" asked Numbuh 362.
"We could have a arco iris Monkey Theme." dicho Kuki, while getting all excited.
"No way! If you’re getting those arco iris Dorkies there, then I'm not going." dicho Wally stubbornly.
"How about different foods, from all over the world?" suggested Hoagie.
"Numbuh 2, don't be so stupid, we had that last year." dicho Numbuh 86.
"I know, and it was brilliant." replied Hoagie, while licking his lips.
"How about a crazy hat party?" asked Patton. Everyone turned and looked at him, they were all thinking the same. How could that be exciting?
"What?" asked Numbuh 60 to their stares. Numbuh 2 was about to speak, when someone chapped the door. "Yes? Come in." dicho Numbuh 362.
It was Mai Sanban, (if tu read my other story then tu would have known who she is) she was also known as Numbuh A. (Ever since Tommy dicho he wanted to be Numbuh T, they let everyone be a number o a letter of the alphabet)
"Hello Numbuh A, what is it?" asked Numbuh 362.
"I need tu to sign these-…" she was cut off, when a boy called Jason Kirk, (or Numbuh 5250) came running into the room. "Sir." he saluted, while catching his breath."Yes?" asked Numbuh 362. "There's… Kids…. In the control Room." he said, while puffing. They all looked at each other. They didn't need to say anything, for all of them had walked out of the office, and were beginning to run down to the corridor, to get to the Control room...
So tell me what tu all think!!! Please comment!!! and a special thanks to Alex, Megan, Maddy, and Kiki!! I amor tu all and tu guys rock!!! till siguiente time!!
-AC, Numbuh 6