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"Give back my 'Tea Party Time' arco iris Monkey, Wally!!" Kuki yelled as she chased the boy throughout the treehouse.
"NEVER!" he chuckled, "Not until tu uninvite me!!"
She growled and tackled him...unfortunatly, they were right por the stairs, and ended up rolling outside. Kacey and Kiki (both still in their PJs) were outside por the mailbox talking. Kiki pointed at the two fighting kids.
"Do I WANNA know?" she asked.
"Probably not." Kacey answered.
She sighed and grabbed Wally por his collar. Kiki snatched the arco iris Monkey from Wally and gave it back to Kuki. Kacey let go off Wally, who landed on the ground.
"How do tu do that?!" he asked.
"I have middle school power." Kacey answered.
"I have high school power." Kiki added.
Wally rolled his eyes.
"C'mon. Let's go inside. I'm hungry and Kiki wants to watch TV."
"Yeah! I don't get the arco iris Monkey channel at my house!"
Kuki gasped.
"You poor thing!"
"I know!"
"K, let's see...'Mission Report' notice, 'Mission Report' notice, big sparkly important-looking invitation...."
"WAIT! What invitation?" Kiki asked.
"Let's see...", Kacey the envelope open, and out popped a purple (and extremely sparkly) invitation.
"What's it say?"
Everyone started gathering around.
Kacey started lectura it aloud.
"Dear Sector Leader- that's ME!- your sector has shown remarkable actions over this past year. Therefore, we invite tu to a formal cena in your honor on July 18th, 2011. Great work!
Signed, The Head Members Of The KND"
Everyone cheered. All except Kiki, who pouted.
"No fair! My sector did just as much work as tu guys!"
Then, her KN-communticator rang.
"Hold on, I gotta take this. hola Megan...Yeah?.....hold on, say that again....ok...ok....SQUEEEEEEEEE!....ok. Great! I'll talk to tu later."
"What was that about?" Abby asked, rubbing her temples from the high-pitched "SQUEE!!" moments ago.
"Guess who's Sector got invited to that cena thing!"
"UMMMMMMM......" Wally pondered. "Sector R?"
Kacey facepalmed.
"No, tu twit! Mine!" Kiki squealed.
"YEY FOR KIKI!" Kacey added.
"Wait, wait, wait. This is a FORMAL dinner?" Hoagie asked.
"Yeah.....? Why?" Kuki answered.
"You know what that means, right?"
"Of course! Fancy ice sculptures, fancy punch, stuff like that!" Val answered.
"AND fancy attire. That means we have to dress up. Dresses for girls, tuxs for boys. The works."
Kacey, Kiki, and Abby all groaned. Dresses weren't theirthing.
"AND fancy manners." Minerva added. "I've been to a fancy cena before, and I had to be polite, not put my elbows on the table, blah, blah,blah..."
Everyone groaned loudly.
"We can't do that! That's not good for our image!" Wally whined.
"True dat." Kacey added.
"So, what are we going to do?"
Suddenly, a piece of paper slipped under the door.
"Wally, go get that."
He handed Kacey the paper.
"What's it say?"
"Need to learn manners fast? Come to Mr. Manner's Social Graces class July 12-18th. Open to the public."
Kiki and Wally laughed at the name.
"MR. Manners?!"
"God, that sounds like somethng out of a kid's book!"
Kacey sighed.
"Alright, guys. cancelar all your plans for tonight."
"We've got class to go to."
Everyone groaned. This was NOT gonna be a fun night.
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The two children and pet wandered down the ever winding yellow brick road. The Scarecrows stomach growled uncomfortably.
"Ugh," he moaned. "I wish we had some food."
"Hey, look!" Kuki cried out.
In front of them had arisen a grove, consisting of 5 manzana, apple trees. The tree's trunks had managed to entertwine eachother, the grove of trees seem to be combined as one.
"Yummy, apples!" Kuki squealed.
The Scarecrow rolled his eyes.
"Cover them in caramelo and get back to me" he sighed.
Kuki was on her tippy-toes, trying to grab the juciest, redest apple. With a small hop, she plucked it from it's branch.
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"Well that was weird." Kuki grimiced.
"O.K. now we've got some problems." The Good Witch groaned. "We need to get tu to The Wizard ASAP."
"The what?"
"The Wizard of Oz! She can do anything. She can grant any wish. She'll get tu home, before anything bad happens..."
"Anything bad happens?!?! Wizard?!?! Wishes!?!?! Can this día get any weirder?"
"Probably. But first, tu need to know how to get there. EMMA!!!!! BRING THE SCROLL!!!!!"
A brunette girl rushed adelante, hacia adelante with the scroll and opened it up. She then turned to Kuki.
"Hello!" greeted the munchkin. She exstended her hand. "I'm Emma, mayor of...
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YAY!!! New story! I pretty much coppied it off the Wizard of OZ movie. But there are some differences. For one, it's a heck of alot funnier. But it's similar to the movie. Sorta. Do tu like the conversation of the farm hands talking about courage, brains, and hearts? Well, now it's a desayuno tardío, brunch of kids bickering. Did tu think Toto the dog was cute? Now he's the adorable weasle hurón, ferret whatever thing. Oh, so tu say Dorothy had a pretty name. Too bad, she goes por her middle name in this remake. One más thing before I put the cast of characters. Kiki (kndkid96), when tu read this, please don't...
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The siguiente morning, Abby woke up to the sound of the TV. She walked downstairs and found several empty bottles of Code Red Mountain Dew, several empty bottles of Cactus Cooler, one empty box of arco iris Munchies, one empty box of Count Chocula, and four hungover operatives.
"Again?!" she yelled.
Kacey jumped. "We didn't stay up all night watching scary movies! Did we, guys?"
Christian, David, and Kiki were sleep-singing:
"1, 2 Freddy's comin' for you,
3, 4, Better lock your door,
5, 6 Grab a crucifix,
7, 8-"
Abby went over and pinched David, who let out a yelp, which jolted the other two operatives awake....
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Medics from the moon base dealt with the unconscious numbuh 73, numbuh 10,000 and 20,000 searched for numbuh 50, Numbuh 14 put the medal in her pocket, and at this point, Sector V and numbuh seven had about elleventy-billion questions.
Who's numbuh 50? , questioned numbuh five.
Why did numbuh 73 pass out? , called out numbuh four
….and why is that medal so important? , came a small whisper from behind them. Numbuh 14 sister stood their quietly, still clutching the doll, with a quizzical expression on her small face. Alright, first question's first. , Numbuh 14, dicho sighing. , Numbuh 50 is...
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It was about four days before navidad and Kacey, (a.k.a. Numbuh 7) was busy decorating the Sector V árbol house. Her small Golden Retriever puppy, Toby, was handing her ornaments to put on the navidad árbol with his mouth. Toby was wagging his tail violently. A sign of happiness. Kacey's Australian cousin Wally (a.k.a. Numbuh 4) walked in. He didn't look too happy.
"What's up, Wally?" Kacey asked in a generous tone while grabbing another ornament from Toby. Wally grumbled to himself before answering her question.
"N- Nothing. I'm fine." He quickly shed away a few tears. Toby whined and...
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Really should have put this on the part 1, but:

O.verthought out

Everyones jaw dropped a few feet at the so-called R.V. Val turned to Numbuh 2.
"Are tu sure we can't use the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. ?" she asked.
"Sorry, its been having engine troubles." he answered.
Val the turned to David.
"What about the M.I.S.S.I.O.N. M.A.C.H.I.N.E. ?" She then asked.
"We drove it through a WALL, remember?" he answered.
The "R.V. Rental Dude" swaggered out of the main gates. He was wearing a bright green suit and a cowboy hat.
"Hey! Whats the big idea givin' us this rusted...
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It's..... Just watch it
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The Count immediately paloma for Kacey, who jumped out of the way. She landed on Raleigh, then scrambled under the big bed. Raleigh followed close behind.
The Count smirked, then he pulled off his glove. Wally's hand reached for Kuki's and he pulled her into the closet.
The Count remembered that there were two others, so he turned around. What he saw was David's M.U.S.K.E.T. in his face. Then, Christian sneaked behind him. He got the Count in a head lock.
"Vow, I never expected tu two to ever get me." The Count said.
"SHUT UP!" David yelled. His M.U.S.K.E.T. was inches away from the Count's...
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