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"Give back my 'Tea Party Time' arco iris Monkey, Wally!!" Kuki yelled as she chased the boy throughout the treehouse.
"NEVER!" he chuckled, "Not until tu uninvite me!!"
She growled and tackled him...unfortunatly, they were right por the stairs, and ended up rolling outside. Kacey and Kiki (both still in their PJs) were outside por the mailbox talking. Kiki pointed at the two fighting kids.
"Do I WANNA know?" she asked.
"Probably not." Kacey answered.
She sighed and grabbed Wally por his collar. Kiki snatched the arco iris Monkey from Wally and gave it back to Kuki. Kacey let go off Wally, who landed on the ground.
"How do tu do that?!" he asked.
"I have middle school power." Kacey answered.
"I have high school power." Kiki added.
Wally rolled his eyes.
"C'mon. Let's go inside. I'm hungry and Kiki wants to watch TV."
"Yeah! I don't get the arco iris Monkey channel at my house!"
Kuki gasped.
"You poor thing!"
"I know!"
"K, let's see...'Mission Report' notice, 'Mission Report' notice, big sparkly important-looking invitation...."
"WAIT! What invitation?" Kiki asked.
"Let's see...", Kacey the envelope open, and out popped a purple (and extremely sparkly) invitation.
"What's it say?"
Everyone started gathering around.
Kacey started lectura it aloud.
"Dear Sector Leader- that's ME!- your sector has shown remarkable actions over this past year. Therefore, we invite tu to a formal cena in your honor on July 18th, 2011. Great work!
Signed, The Head Members Of The KND"
Everyone cheered. All except Kiki, who pouted.
"No fair! My sector did just as much work as tu guys!"
Then, her KN-communticator rang.
"Hold on, I gotta take this. hola Megan...Yeah?.....hold on, say that again....ok...ok....SQUEEEEEEEEE!....ok. Great! I'll talk to tu later."
"What was that about?" Abby asked, rubbing her temples from the high-pitched "SQUEE!!" moments ago.
"Guess who's Sector got invited to that cena thing!"
"UMMMMMMM......" Wally pondered. "Sector R?"
Kacey facepalmed.
"No, tu twit! Mine!" Kiki squealed.
"YEY FOR KIKI!" Kacey added.
"Wait, wait, wait. This is a FORMAL dinner?" Hoagie asked.
"Yeah.....? Why?" Kuki answered.
"You know what that means, right?"
"Of course! Fancy ice sculptures, fancy punch, stuff like that!" Val answered.
"AND fancy attire. That means we have to dress up. Dresses for girls, tuxs for boys. The works."
Kacey, Kiki, and Abby all groaned. Dresses weren't theirthing.
"AND fancy manners." Minerva added. "I've been to a fancy cena before, and I had to be polite, not put my elbows on the table, blah, blah,blah..."
Everyone groaned loudly.
"We can't do that! That's not good for our image!" Wally whined.
"True dat." Kacey added.
"So, what are we going to do?"
Suddenly, a piece of paper slipped under the door.
"Wally, go get that."
He handed Kacey the paper.
"What's it say?"
"Need to learn manners fast? Come to Mr. Manner's Social Graces class July 12-18th. Open to the public."
Kiki and Wally laughed at the name.
"MR. Manners?!"
"God, that sounds like somethng out of a kid's book!"
Kacey sighed.
"Alright, guys. cancelar all your plans for tonight."
"We've got class to go to."
Everyone groaned. This was NOT gonna be a fun night.
Wally woke up in a strange room. Luckily, he wasn’t tied up in a chair in an Airplane Hangar. He thanked his lucky stars there weren’t any clowns involved. But what he got was much, much worse.
“Hi!” A girl screamed. Numbuh 4 looked around. It was Cassy.
“Where am I and why have tu kidnapped me?” Wally yelled getting up.
“Well, we’re Numbuh 4 fans of course!” Sara dicho popping her head from behind Cassy.
“Yeah! And you’re in our special lair!” Anne yelled from behind Sara. The 3 girls picked up Wally and carried him to a different room. He struggled almost breaking...
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“Wow!” Numbuh 4 exclaimed. “I can’t believe we beat those losers up for the 2nd time in a row!” Sector V had just finished retrieving Toby from Richard, Mitchell, and Valerie Bloohmehnoze. Kacey held Toby and snuggled him and stroked his fur. Kuki reached over and pet him. Wally had the urge to tell Kuki something. He walked closer to her. But immediately moved back. Just then, 3 suspiciously looking girls with 4’s and hearts all over their shirts came out of nowhere. Kacey recognized the girls. She handed Toby to Numbuh 4.
“What are tu creeps doing here?” She asked. The girl...
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Its awesome, but kinda sad. I miss new episodes....
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“And I’m not sure if she does o not.” Wally finished telling Alyssa something. Alyssa rubbed her chin.
“And tu haven’t told her yet?” Alyssa asked. Wally shook his head. Alyssa smiled. “Then tell her.”
“NO! I just don’t like being a were-wolf.” Wally said.
“Well, who is the closest person to you?” Alyssa asked. Wally thought for a minute.
“Probably my cousin, Kacey.” Wally said.
“Then tell her.” Alyssa said.
“Why?” Wally asked. Alyssa touched his face with her hand.
“It’ll help a lot.” Alyssa said. Wally turned his head away.
“But what if she-?”...
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What the crud is that? , numbuh four questioned, bewildered. , Let me mostrar tu what it does first! , Numbuh 14 cried out She pressed a button on the side of the odd gun. A whirring sound was heard and with a pop , a small object flew out, knocking one of the teenagers clean out of the sky. , Whoa! , Numbuh three squealed. , I present to you, the P.O.T.A.T.O. G.U.N. ! , Numbuh 14 shouted.


Awwwww..... look at the little weirdo, shes made some friends!, came a mocking voice from above them. They saw a older girl floating in the sky...
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Kacey stopped and read the sign at the beggining of the strange realm.
Kiki laughed, "Kind of a cliche, isn't it?"
"Yeah. Now, keep your eyes out for any spooks in the bushes. With Little Miss 'I Vant To Suck Your Blood' not vanting to cooperate, looks like you'll have to keep us safe."
She whined, "Why can't Wally keep everyone safe?! I'm tired!"
Kacey glared at her.
"Exactly. A tired tu equals certain doom for anyone who crosses your path."
The very tired Kiki rolled her eyes.
Kuki was happily leading the group to where her and the others got transformed. The only one who...
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Megan was lying in the middle of the basement of the old, haunted, and supposedly abandoned Johnson house. Why? Well....

Here's what had happened earlier: Now normally, a kid wouldn't have gotten past the doorway to a haunted house (becuase, in this case, there were bowls of dulces left on the porch and a sign that dicho "Take ONE"), but the old Johnson house had a sign that read "Candy Inside. Come in...if tu dare". Megan always took the phrase "if tu dare" as a personal challenge. When she walked in, she expected to see a mesa, tabla with a bowl of dulces and someone, most likely a teenager, dressed...
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