"That's stupid!" Wally and Lexi dicho simulataneously.
"But it's perfect! We just take what we need o the last periods of the día and we're inicial free!"
"Actually, that IS a good idea..." Abby said.
Kiki smirked.
"See? At least SOMEONE likes my ideas!"
Kacey rolled her eyes. Kiki opened her locker.
"Alright, toss whatever tu don't nessicarily need in here."
Several of the kids tossed their stuff in.
"C'mon Raleigh, do tu REALLY need the Goldfish?"
"YES. I'll die without it!"
"She will, too! I've seen her do it." Kacey added.
Abby did a facepalm.
Kiki looked at Val.
"Empty the pockets."
Val whined and dug through the front, back, and big-one-on-the-front pockets.
"Nothing!" She said.
Wally picked her up, flipped her upside down, and shook her. Crayons, small change, hurón, ferret food, Scooter, her emergency Dad button, and even Smurfs came out.
"I don't wanna know...." Megan said, burying her face in her hands, trying to hide her laughter.
Kiki scooped the small stuff up and stuffed it in her locker. She then let the Smurfs go free and placed Scooter back into Val's pocket. She rubbed her head.
"Wally, you're a meanie!"
Wally smirked. He'd always wanted to do that.
Kiki shut her locker.
Everyone went to the inspection tables.
"Is that all you're bringing?" the officer asked.
"Yup." Everyone answered.
"Alright, go ahead."
Kiki smirked at Wally.
"TOLD tu it was a good idea!"
Morgan, Jennifer, and Ali met everyone at their usual lunch table. Kiki complained (as usual) about the happenings of the last several periods. Then, what had happened 5th period, started happening all over again.
"YAY!!!! Why are we clapping?" Maddy asked.
All hell broke loose about.....15.39 segundos later.
It was all a blur. comida was thrown, screams filled the lunchroom, and kids were tackled. From under the table, it looked REALLY cool. Why under the table? That's where most of the kids were hiding. MOST. Raleigh, Christian, Emma, Kacey and Wally was throwing comida to their heart's content while Val apprehended several kids and...well, I think tu should know por now.
"OUT!!! EVERYONE OUT!!!!!!" the principal yelled.
Several cops grabbed the kids. Kacey struggled as hard as she could, but it was no use. She then bit the cop's hand and ran free. Val tried her hypnosis trick on the cops. Nothing. She was manhandled and brought to where everyone else was being held. Down the hall, everyone could hear her saying:
"YOU CAN'T DO THIS!! I know a guy who could spank tu into siguiente week! LEMME GO! LEMME GO! LEMME GO! This is police brutality! WAAAAAAAAAH!!!!"
Kacey ran out of breath. It's tiring to outrun the cops. She stopped to get a drink from the water when she heard music. She walked around until she found the source. The gym. She peeked inside and saw.....David and the others. She almost choked on her wter when she saw a few teenage girls follwoing him, looking all lovey-dovey. She stormed into the gym and started chewing the girls out.
"Dude, is she your GIRLFRIEND o something?"
Kacey lost it at the word girlfriend. After she beat the snot out of the teenager, she pulled David aside.
"Dude! We were just about to play 'Spin The Bottle'!!" he whined.
Kacey gave him a look.
"Okay. 2 things. First: EW! Second, WHY weren't tu answering your phone o communicator!??!"
"Look around you! We're having too much fun!"
Kacey rolled her eyes and did a facepalm.
"Besides, we're about to have a dance-off! Wanna join? It's Kids Against Teachers..."
"YES." she answered. She had had it with teachers today.
All the kids (minus Kiki, Lexi, and Ali because they were in the nurse's office. War wounds....) gathered in a circle.
"Anyone got a plan?" Kacey asked.
"You're telling me tu don't have one?!" Megan asked.
"No. I just like huddling. tu should know that por now."
She and Maddy did a facepalm.
"We should beat them with a song that pisssed a LOT of people off." Kuki added.
"Liiiiiiike?" everyone asked.
"Um.....'I Kissed A Girl' por Katy Perry?"
All the boys groaned (and each recieved a tortazo o kick to various body parts).
"Works for us!"
The kids told the teens about their plan. And a revelution began....
"Woah, woah, woah, YOU'RE telling ME that tu guys won the dance-off of the century?" Kiki asked on the way home.
"Yup!" Emma said.
"And tu didn't TELL me!? What is wrong with tu people?! I could've kicked butt when tu guys danced to 'Beat It'!!"
Everyone rolled their eyes.
Kiki stepped out of the S.C.A.M.P.E.R., waved good-bye to everyone, and went inside. She went inside and plopped down onto her bed. After a día like today, all she wanted to do was take a nap. But she couldn't.
Tommorow, EXAMS were supposed to start. So that meant studying, studying, studying.
"Ugh.....better crack open another case of Mountain Dew...."