Clois 9x07 - Crossfire

xxxxsammyxxxx posted on Sep 04, 2009 at 08:44PM
Clark joins Lois on an audition for a for a television show called "Good Morning, Metropolis" on WGBS. Clark is very reluctant to do this, but insists he is only doing it for her.
- At one point Lois brings up the fact that Clark stood her up on their one and only date. (In "Infamous")
- Lois ends up getting the role as host of the show, but under one condition - she is also joined by Clark. The producer says they have chemistry, like "Hepburn and Tracy, Bogie and Bacall, and Regis and Kelly."
- A marketing ad featuring Clark and Lois is quickly presented to an already-uneasy Clark.
- The show sends Clark out on a date that is being watched by a producer and Lois in a control room. Lois is speaking to Clark throughout the date on an earphone. She teases Clark about the fact that in his profile, he admits that he "grew up on a farm" will get him nothing but a date with a country mouse or a cougar looking for her next meal.
- Clark's date is with "Catherine," a 24 year old blonde beauty whose appearance leaves Lois a bit on the shocked side. Lois decides she wants to make Clark just as jealous as she is, and is determined to top this date
- Later Lois has a date where Clark is speaking to HER over an earwig. At one point Clark says "The last thing you need is a drink, Lois." (AGAIN with the drunk Lois stuff... sigh.)
- At some point - perhaps as they are getting ready - Clark tells Lois that her date is a lucky man. Lois smiles, glad that she seems to have made him jealous.


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