Clois What would tu like to happen in season 9!

small_h2o posted on Apr 24, 2009 at 08:33PM
What would you like to see in season 9?
And around what epiosde?
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hace más de un año small_h2o said…
Epiosde 1 or 2 (if not in season 8 finale)---Clois Kiss
Episode 3 or 4 ---Clois start dating
End of season 9 ---Clois proposal
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hace más de un año bl0ndy said…
wow! Well first of all I want Lois to survive the season 8 finally and then Clois to start dating
hace más de un año Caktus said…
i really want to see lois and clark kissing, they deserve it, and, nothing against har, but i don't want to see lana, last time she had apeared, she had destroyes a clois kiss... i only want to see if she gets really jealousy
hace más de un año lancyforever said…
i want clois be dating or kiss more of there love i really enjoy watch them as couple
hace más de un año tlvirgo93 said…