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la elección de los fans: yes
la elección de los fans: yes
la elección de los fans: yes
la elección de los fans: OF COURSE WE WANT THESE 2 amor BIRDS TEGETHER!
la elección de los fans: They have no Taste!
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hanhclubbl02 dicho …
Hi all, i'm new member. Add fan me ^^ publicado hace más de un año
CaskettForever1 dicho …
I hate Lana she is annoying and a cry baby! She goes I cant believe tu would say this Clark! Then he ends up being right and she always appoligizes! CLOIS FOREVER! publicado hace más de un año
poohbear5471 comentó…
Amen sister i wish he would have stayed with Lois hace más de un año
19leeann comentó…
Why are tu saying this in the clana spot say it in the smallville spot o the clois spot not in this spot that this hace más de un año
Nevermind5555 comentó…
and I hate people who come to the place of the characters they dont like and insult them, its stupid and childish. no one gives a fuck here if u like Lana o not, here's place for Clana and their fans, so go to the spot u are a fan of instead of wasting our time for responses on ur stupid comments. hace más de un año
DamonsLilBird dicho …
Wow were blooming over here mates and here I thought we were gonna stay bloody small lol. publicado hace más de un año