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 Merry Christmas,Animated
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merry navidad
merry navidad
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 Hi Olaf, please make Malaysia snowing!
Hi Olaf, please make Malaysia snowing!
Hi guys, since navidad is coming, what I'm going to write are some are the perfect navidad films that tu will enjoy this coming festive season!

1) Beauty and the Beast: The encantada Christmas

So, this film is considered my least favourite disney sequel (or shall I say midquel?). The songs are amazing and navidad oriented, especially the song 'As Long As There's Christmas'. The lyrics is very meaningful that I felt in amor with it!

2) The Sound of Music

Okay, I definitely know that 'My Favourite Things' is technically associated with Christmas. But, this movie is the best! I will definitely...
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First "Queens Speech" navidad message broadcast por TheRoyalChannel for YouTube
queens navidad message 2007
Reward on Moozar : linkHave Yourself A Merry Little navidad | Rachele Lynae & Jamie O'Neal. Here is how tu can get 7 FREE SONGS!!! link
rachele lynae
jamie o'neal
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 Merry navidad With Love,your friend ILOVEMLPs
Merry Christmas With Love,your friend ILOVEMLPs
Me and my entire family want to wish all of tu wonderful fanpoppers a very Merry Christmas! I hope tu get lots of presents this año and I hope that tu were not naughty!I wish I could give tu a navidad gift personally, so this is my navidad gift to all of you! Make sure to wish all of your friends a Merry navidad too!I hope your navidad is filled with joy and amor this year!I hope tu get lots of great gifts. I wish I could give tu all más than just a simple letter. I hope tu navidad is filled with laughter,joy,and family moments together! I hope all of tu out there have a very Merry navidad this year!
Enjoy your Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
With Love,your friend and fan,

ILOVEMLPs (Megan Bullough)
 My navidad creation to all of you!
My Christmas creation to all of you!
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