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What are some good ideas for presents for your mom?

Starting early! Any cool/original ideas?
 LovesScrubs posted hace más de un año
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SRitchieable said:
Well - what does she like. As in REALLLY like?

Does she like a particular TV show? If so (and if tu can afford it) tu could buy her a box set of her favourite episodes. (If she hasn't already got it, if so why not some other merchandise from the series?)

Does she like to sew but is always saying "What a mess my sewing box is!"? If so, buy her an 'organiser' for her sewing box. Eg: a special compartmentalised insert that will enable her to keep the threads separate from the thimbles and away from the button collection.

Does she scrapbook? What about compiling her a collection of ORIGINAL scrapbooking paper, in designs tu make yourself but tu KNOW she will like? Ie if she likes pink, give her rosado, rosa designs. If she likes mountain views, give her a set with mountain views.

With this in mind, why not go to eBay and BROWSE. tu know your mother's likes and dislikes - check on ebay to see what's available. I'm always surprised por the NUMBER OF THINGS on ebay that I never thought existed, much less could be bought. But watch out for the postage!
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posted hace más de un año 
jameswilson said:
Here are some cool ideas!

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posted hace más de un año 
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