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Dearheart posted on May 19, 2011 at 10:52PM
I posted this over on the Atheist Spot as well (and for the record, I was INVITED to hang out and discuss stuff over there, so that's why I felt comfortable doing that). But I thought it couldn't hurt to have one over here, too!

I know a lot of Christians have questions about their own faith, or get confused about the nitty gritty details about something, or sometimes want advice or guidance when situations come up in their own lives. And I'm not trying to make myself look like an expert or a know-it-all about anything. 'Cause I'm definitely NOT. xD But I have a very wise, very awesome dad who happens to be an Anglican priest, and he's taught me a lot of good stuff; so I thought it couldn't hurt to put all that to good use. =)

So here's your Friendly Neighborhood Pastor's Kid, at your service and willing to tackle all your questions!

If you're an atheist or a non-Christian who'd like to ask questions, you're more than welcome to! But it might be better if you link instead, since this one is geared more towards Christians, and thus the guidelines are slightly different. Just a suggestion.

Okay, here are my guidelines:

What I will NOT do:
- Speak unless you are willing to listen. If your attitude tells me that you'd rather judge and attack than listen, I will not discuss any further with you until that changes.

- Assert my opinions or beliefs on certain theological points as facts. And I trust you'll apply this to yourselves as well.

- Get into long, drawn-out debates on which church denominations are "right" and which ones are "wrong". Take that to another forum, please!

- Avoid a question because it's hard. I can't claim to have all the answers, because I DON'T have all the answers. But I'm not afraid to find them. If I find myself stumped or faced with a difficult question, I will take time to do whatever studying and research I need to do.

- Pretend to be more righteous, "holy" or morally superior than you. Because I'm not. And if there's one thing Jesus hates, it's pretending. I refuse to be a hypocrite.

- "Preach" at you, attack you, or tell you to agree or accept anything I say. All I will do is present answers from a Biblical perspective and try to clearly explain what I can. Whether you buy it or not is up to you.

What I WILL do:
- Be as gracious, friendly and "Christlike" towards you as I can.

- Love you unconditionally, as Christ has loved me.

- Respect you as my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, respect what you say even if I don't 100% agree, and carefully consider your questions.

- Try to be thorough, clear and concise in my answers, and make sure they are Biblically supported.

- Keep a good sense of humor and not get overly sensitive.

- Ask "Father Wes" for his input whenever I feel the need to. (Pun intended, har har.)

- Admit when I'm in the wrong, and do whatever I can to fix it.

If I ever - ever - act out of line, or do/say something that contradicts the guidelines above, don't hesitate to call me out on it. Just like any of you, I am not without my failings and blind spots; and when I screw up, I want to know about it so that I can repent and make things right again. Hold me accountable, so that I can be blessing to you and to God, rather than being a stumbling block. =)

Okay, I'm done talking your ears off. Sorry for rambling so long, and I hope everything I said makes sense. >.< Go ahead and ask me anything, and I'll do my best to answer!

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hace más de un año Ninja-Kitten said…

Kate and I are making an "Ask an Atheist" forum here!
hace más de un año gir5136 said…
big smile
Omgoodness dearheart I absolutely love seeing actual Christians who are not hypocritical. I am a Christian myself and it's soooo nice.