cristianismo For all the open-minded Christians on here.

darkkhorn19 posted on Sep 25, 2010 at 09:04PM
We don't attack you on your spot, so please don't attack us on the atheist spot. It's probably not YOU the ones who troll, but the other group I am calling out.

For the close-minded Christians...

You are idiots who can't understand the fact that everyone won't follow what you think is right, because it's not.

If your an open-minded person you will thank me for speaking my mind or pay no heed to this, or pretty much anything but what the others will do.

If your a close-minded person you will get butthurt and troll me for being an atheist and coming to this spot. Then constantly throw Bible quotes at me, which I think is repulsive.

If you watch this for at least 5 minutes, you will understand what I'm getting at with the Bible is repulsive thing.

(I only post this because people on this spot come to the Atheist spot to troll us; I encourage you to watch this video.)

Please note I am in a calm manner and not like this:


If I DID say that I would be no better than they are.

Thank you and have a nice day. :)


"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" ~ Epicurus

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hace más de un año katana64 said…
im glad someone can put up a good argument against my religion. i am a christian but just a message. we as Christians should be tolerant just as Christ teaches and just because people are atheists that doesnt mean we can go and troll on their spot
hace más de un año darkkhorn19 said…
@Katana Exactly, thank you understanding my problem here.
hace más de un año katana64 said…
just for all the closed minded christians, when it all comes down to it atheism is just another religion like Christianity and proving a gods existence is in reality impossible unless that god actually shows himself so i will not argue with another religion until a god shows himself to the world physically and in the meantime i will worship who i think is the real god and i will allow others to do the same and you should to
hace más de un año darkkhorn19 said…
@Katana Again, I agree, Religion is the most racist, homophobic, sexist, discriminatory vice in society. And the worst thing about it is that most of the time people's views aren't allowed to be broadcasted on, for example, the radio or tv because it's unfair on the religious - we can't possibly offend them! If you're allowed to so openly follow and promote a false belief that discriminates millions of others, and tries to emotionally blackmail them into your beliefs, why shouldn't websites such as the atheist be more active? I'd like to know how religious people can really believe what they believe in. Founding belief and how they live their lives on scripts written god knows how many years ago! It is unfair of you to scrutinise websites such as these which are logical, rational, and in my opinion not offensive unless somewhere in the back of you mind your faith is doubted by logic. The sheer fact you even have to 'believe' or 'have faith' in god is already defeatest, having faith is wanting to believe but having no reason or logic.
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hace más de un año darkkhorn19 said…
(Here is another video)
hace más de un año Cinders said…
Can you provide links to content on the atheism spot that theists have been trolling? I'm curious as to what triggered this rant.

In defense of the Christians, this spot does get trolled by non-Christians, and the predominant offenders of this are Atheists. I know two users who used to do this often have been banned. But their content on this spot remains (mostly) although a lot was deleted. Here's a good link of the type of comments one of those users will make.

I've noticed a growing friction (both online and offline) between Atheists and Christians. It's come to the point where Christianity is, in the eyes of Atheism, the most corrupt religion, whereas Atheism is, in the eyes of Christianity, the most militant form of disbelief. I know Christians who are wary of Atheists, but have no negative feelings towards Jews or even Muslims. And I know Atheists who are OK with Judaism, but bristle when you might mention that you are a Christian.

I'm curious as to why these two philosophies seem to cause each other so much stress. I feel like it's a self-perpetrating cycle. An Atheist, for example, had a horrible experience with Christians and becomes radical in her belief, and in turn barks what she considers logic and fact at a Christian trying to pray, who then develops negative feelings about Atheists... and the cycle continues.

Additionally, the religious have faced their fair share of opposition when it comes to voicing their views. Christian scientists are discredited when they say they do not subscribe to evolutionary theory. More than their reputations, they sometimes lose their jobs for their beliefs. Not to mention the whole concept of removing "Merry Christmas" from our public places and changing it to "Happy Holidays."

I believe in tolerance and understanding, but I do not think that political correctness should dictate how should speak. But that's a whole other barrel of fish.
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hace más de un año Cinders said…
Also, I just found a particularly nasty comment from an atheist on link.

I'm referring, of course, to the one that's ALL CAPLOCKS.

Do you have the links of trolling on the atheist spot or have they already been reported/deleted?
hace más de un año misanthrope86 said…
As an active member of the Atheist spot, I have no idea what you are referring to darkkhorn19. We haven't had any haters in the Atheist spot for weeks now. I make sure that that kind of crap stays out of the spot. So is this in response to something recent in the Atheism spot? Or general frustration? If you have a link, please share it.