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adavila posted on May 17, 2009 at 07:16PM
When you hear science on tv or someone says science what´s the first thing that comes to your mind

I think that for many people here is evolution

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hace más de un año Cinders said…
By "many people here", do you mean in the Christianity spot? I wouldn't say that at all. Just because a person is Christian, and even if that Christian chooses not to believe in evolution, it doesn't mean that s/he's against science.

Now you all know I'm not religious in any sense, but from a Christian perspective... Science is about so much more than evolution. Whether you believe the theory or not, no one can deny that science has done a lot for us here. And, to be fair, science cannot prove or disprove the existence of God. Science is not in conflict with God. In fact, think of it this way-- God created science, which are the rules of our universe. Without God, there would be no science, without science, there would be no laws of nature. Science is just another tool for God to do what he does best.
hace más de un año adavila said…
I asked this because I´ve seen many comments and articles against sicence
hace más de un año harold said…
I got burned out on creating new clubs a couple of years ago, so until recently there was no Science club (link - hooray!). But I've long wanted to write an article about what is and what isn't science. When I head "science", I think a method of predicting future behavior based on statistical evidence gathered through controlled experimentation.
hace más de un año SongBirdTeam said…
when I here "Science" the the first thing i think of is the word "science" then I think HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! globle warming. but really, scientists make me laugh sometimes, like, i was watching this new show called "Thats Imposible" and they were all like, "We are on the verge of immortality" and i was like, "You can already have it ya dumby!" cuase you can have eternal life through Christ right? but yeah, that's it.
hace más de un año McDreamyluva said…
Okay when you wrote "I think that for many people here is evolution", that is one big generalisation.

When I hear science, Evolution is the LAST thing that comes into my mind...

and for the record, science and Christianity does not contradict with each other, so I'm happily studying my HL science subjects at school and being a happy Christian at the same time =]
hace más de un año Cinders said…
I agree with you completely, McDreamyluva. I don't understand this whole "feud" between religion and science. I feel like it's completely pointless.

And to Harold--

When I hear the word "science", I think of the sciences (plural). Like the science of Physics, the science of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy, etc, and all the theories, hypotheses, and laws therein. I think you're taking the word more literally than I generally do.

And, like I said earlier, by studying the sciences, aren't we, in a way, studying God's law? ;o)
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