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lcriss posted on Mar 02, 2009 at 11:07PM
American Idol: Is this a part of the Lords plan?? I believe so…

Okay, I don’t know how many of you watch the hit show American Idol, but if so, the name Adam Lambert is surely well known to you. And as you know this guy not only has the experience in being a stage actor and performer, but he can SING, no doubt about that! That was what found him a place in the final 12 as well as another great well known idol, church singer/song writer Danny Gokey.

Sadly though as talented and loved as Adam is, his past is laden with questionable and dark ways. Now I not one to judge and I don’t by any means. I absolutely LOVE this guy and am a huge fan. From various videos and interviews he seems like a good hearted and friendly person who is loved by America obviously but it was what I saw from other videos of his, which made it clear that he is most defiantly….lost.

It wasn’t until recently that a single forum post on the shows site opened my eyes to a SPECTACULAR idea that should have been one from the start. Now that Adam and Danny are together in this group of 12, maybe, just maybe, God could use Danny in a certain way. If Danny is true and does his all to follow the Lord, he will understand what he needs to do and lead Adam to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

So with that said, please know that much prayer is in need for both these two. Pray that Danny Gokey will become that spiritual teacher the Lord intends him to be and help guide Adam on that path of repentance so he may find Christ. Pray also for Adam, that he may come to seek Gods love and glory. May he be broken, becoming that open vessel which will be filled with the Lords holy spirit….until then, a new soul waits to be saved.

Much Love and

God Bless!!!

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hace más de un año 123dk45 said…
i don't watch that show but i will be praying for them and i hope for the best!!!!
hace más de un año London said…
I don't watch it much, but I know who you mean. I will be praying for them both.

In what way is he lost?
hace más de un año Dragondaisy said…
I remember in season 7 they sang Shout to the Lord.