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Lord, can I please just give up?

(WARNING: this is a rant, so I apologize for the mild cussing. I tried not to....)

For the past 2 years (well, almost 2 years), I have dealt with stress and depression. And I've just about had enough of it. Wanna know why?

On Jan 31st 2013 (the día I curse so much), my beloved dog left this world, and left me behind. Now I know that to you, he may not seem like it, but he was very important to me. When I was growing up, I barely had any human friends, and all I had was Duji (my dog). I had him for 13 years, and he's gone now. I don't understand.... how does anyone go on living without the one the loved most? I never knew it at the time, but Duji held me together when my life sucked. That dog was the one thing that kept me going--he gave me a reason to live. And now, I can't keep myself together anymore! I just can't! I wanna live my life, and do things--cuz I have been told that "Duji wouldn't want tu to be sad"--but it's so freakin' HARD! Doesn't anyone understand? Do tu have any idea what it feels like to have your only reason for living to be TAKEN from you?

And you'd think that as much as I believe in Jesus, I would probably be más stable, but I'm not. If tu saw me, I would appear to have it altogether, but I honestly don't. I wanna work on my stories, but half the time I can't concentrate on anything--nothing accept the pain.

I've come to the end of my road, and I have no clue where to go anymore. I figure, whats the damn point of being alive? Why the hell was I even PUT here? I hate this world anyway.
 ShadowFan100 posted hace más de un año
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TakTheFox said:
Usually when something tragic happens to us, it's más likely a test than a punishment.

~A test to see if tu can live without what was taken
~A test to see if what was taken took God's place in your heart
~A test to see if tu can still have Faith in God's plan
~A test to see who you'll blame

And, or, it could be training, to make new friends in the real world.

Almost a año hace now I lost my own dog. A few months ago, my little brother's pet-rat died while we were having fun on a trip. I was probably the only one that actually cared enough about the rat, and I was upset that everyone else couldn't share the same sorrow about it.

But that's sadly the risk of having any kind of pet-companion. At one point o another, they die, they leave us. I don't like it any más than tu do, but they are put in our lives to help train and test us, with patience, gentleness, firmness, and of course love.

If it helps at all, when I think about a pet that I've lost, I think to myself "Did I care for them how I should have", and knowing that I was a good owner to a good companion makes moving on a más fluent experience.

Death is sad, but at one point there's a crossroad, to mover on and progress, o to hold on to the pain and never heal. That doesn't mean tu won't be sad at times, tu will be. We never fully recover from these things in this world, but we can use the experience to mostrar the same amor and carrying to other people, and pets.

I hope that helped.
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posted hace más de un año 
kicksomebut23 said:
tu sounded like me when I got in trouble and put down because I always was blamed wrong. I think that it could be other ways for tu to make friendship. I'm sorry that your dog died. It may be a curse from God. Anyone who do wrong will suffer the consequences. That's what God did,because tu were swearing. tu want to ask him for forgiveness in jesús name. But sometimes tu have to wait for God Patiently. And don't attempt to kill yourself to get out this world if tu think tu shouldn't be here. The devil may be
Tempting tu to die. If tu do you'll sent your soul to hell Plsam 143:7-11. Also if tu pray God would either say no o yes so that's why tu have to wait. Plus avoid being depressed because demons will get into you. Read the fruits of the spirits to be a happy and perfect Christian Galations 5:20-24 :). I have faith that your día will go well.
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posted hace más de un año 
tu know, I read your post until I got to where tu dicho "it maybe a curse" 1: When I dicho "the día I curse so much" I was talking about how much I hated it, not swearing. 2: I once thought that Duji died because of something I did--I felt like it was all my fault. But that isn't true and I don't need someone telling me otherwise. Look, maybe to tu you're "helping" me, but not where I stand you're not. And I admit at times I get depressed a lil, but not as much. And heck, maybe my depression isn't all my own doing. There are people out there with depression issues which they can't control. No offense, but tu make God sound like a cold-hearted beast. I have read the Bible many times, I have ran across verses which speak of God being "near to the broken hearted". My God is más compassionate than what most believe.
ShadowFan100 posted hace más de un año
I'm sorry if I dicho something wrong,maybe someone else will help you.....I tried to give knowledge I know that will help,but this is the first time that I was pointed as a fraud quoter.
kicksomebut23 posted hace más de un año
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