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posted by deedragongirl
 Nice, isn't it?
Nice, isn't it?
Hi guys, I just came back from Sichuan and I'm really breathless por the scenery there. So, here is my review on the entire trip!

The Mountains & the Lake

Our first trip was at a scenery park just outside of Chengdu, and we stopped at several places just to snap photos. The trees on the lake reminds me of the scary scene from Snow White while running away from her wicked stepmother! It still gives me the creeps.
Another part of the tour highlight was the Rabbit Mountain, where tu can see 2 rocks resembling a rabbit's ear. It was really amazing seeing how the mountains form.

Religious Moments...
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posted by gangking08
In China people usually say "wei" (hello) first when beginning a telephone conversation. If tu call an old acquaintance and recognize his/her voice, tu may address him/her directly por name. Otherwise, tu have to make clear who the other person is por saying, "Hello! Excuse me. Are tu so-and-so?" o "Hello! Are tu so-and-so?" instead of saying "I an so-and-so" first. "So-and-so" may be name of a person o a company.
--Wèi, shì lǐ míng ma?
   (Hello! Are tu Li Ming?)
--Duì, shì wǒ. Nǐ shì Qí Qí ma?
   (Yes, I am Li Ming. tu are Qi Qi, aren't you?)
One usually says, "You...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Lovely Bridge, isn't it?
Lovely Bridge, isn't it?
Hi guys, I will be going to Chengdu, China siguiente mes and I am very excited about it. So here is my reasons why I would amor to go there!

1) Chinese Culture

I'm really excited to know más about the Chinese Culture and history. I had known about the story of both mulan and Sun Wukong from my childhood, now let's see what other fascinating stories shall I learn while at Chengdu.

2) Shangri-La

I will be going to a place called Shangri-La, just outside of Chengdu. It is like a dream and paradise there, I will be mover por the location!

3) Shopping

I maybe shopping there, o maybe not because I maybe joining a tour.

An Oriental Dream

So, here are my 3 reasons on why I am looking adelante, hacia adelante to Chengdu, China!
 Modern and Traditional, together!
Modern and Traditional, together!
 Tianamen Square.
Tianamen Square.
Ni Hao, my name is Dee and I come from Malaysia. I would like to write down on why I amor to visit China and which part of the country that I would amor to go to!


This city is very much similar to Kuala Lumpur in a way, however it still attracts many tourists as Pagoda and old buildings still stand today. It's suburban area is very much like Venice, Italy due to the fact that it's near the river and that they use boats for transportation!


The capital city that hosted the 2008 Olympic Games, the stadium still attracts tourists that haven't been to this famous Bird's Nest Stadium!...
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子 曰:"学 而 时 习 之,不 亦 悦 乎?有 朋 自 远 方 来,不 亦 乐 乎?人 不 知 而 不 愠,不 亦 君 子 乎?
In Present-Day Chinese
In English
      The Master said, "To learn and in due course apply what tu have learnt, isn't that also a pleasure? To have a friend coming from far away, isn't that also a delight? Not to...
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