We have all come to look adelante, hacia adelante to the villain song in an animated movie. It is generally a very dramatic, exciting, generally epic song. They are generally considered the best songs in animated movies. They even make us sometimes cheer for the bad guy. 14 members took part in this countdown and gave me their parte superior, arriba 10 villain songs. If it was first on someone’s list, I gave it 10 points, segundo place it got 9, etc. Sorry it took so long to post! So here are Fanpop’s parte superior, arriba 10 villain songs!

Honorable Mentions
15. Big and Loud - 10 pts
14. The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind- 15 pts
13. Savages Part 1- 16 pts
12. Mine, Mine, Mine- 18 pts
11. Cruella De Vil- 20 pts

10. The Plagues- The Prince of Egypt, 33 pts
This is a little bit of a different villain song. It is Moses and Ramses canto their opposite sides of whether the Israelites should be allowed to leave. The backdrop of this is, of course, the plagues on Egypt. Ramses refuses to let the Israelites go.

rhythmicmagic- 5
dmitri_is_hot- 4
princecatcher93- 8
TheCrystalRing- 8
Awinitarose- 4
Mongoose09- 10
BelleAnastasia- 10
fadake1234- 6

TIED- 8. The Mob Song- Beauty and the Beast, 36 pts
This song is Gaston leading the villagers against the Beast. The movie shows Gaston’s descent into villainy and beastliness in contrast to the Beast becoming más and más human. Here is where Gaston is the most villainous and wants to kill the Beast because he can’t see past his outer appearance.

dmitri_is_hot- 7
cruella- 7
Beastlysoul25- 3
CodyVenustrent- 6
Animated_Paint- 7
BelleAnastasia- 3

TIED- 8. I Need a Hero- shrek 2, 36 pts
This song is big, loud, and menacing in its own way. The Fairy Godmother tries to get Fiona to kiss Prince Charming so she will fall in amor with him. She sings this song to try to get that to happen. This is just a really fun song that’s really enjoyable.

KatraLover- 1
CodyVenusTrent- 3
Animated_Paint- 6
Fadake1234- 3

7. Mother Knows Best Reprise- Tangled, 55 pts
I was really pleased and surprised that this even made the parte superior, arriba ten, let alone seventh place. I think this song is really underrated! This scene in the movie is really well done and really menacing. It starts out pretty quiet and just Gothel talking, but it gets really big and intimidating. No wonder Rapunzel was a little frightened!

rhythmicmagic- 8
KataraLover- 2
dmitri_is_hot- 3
princecatcher93- 2
TheCrystalRing- 7
CodyVenusTrent- 2
Animated_Paint- 5
PrincessVandal- 5
fadake1234- 10

6. Be Prepared- The Lion King, 62 pts
Now this is one heck of a villain song. When your villain song turns the bad side into the Third Reich, tu know these are baddies. Scar may not be all that great at singing, but the song itself makes up for it. And it’s just too much fun listening to Scar!

KataraLover- 9
princecather93- 10
Beastlysoul25- 7
TheCrystalRing- 4
CodyVenusTrent- 1
Awinitarose- 5
PrincessVandal- 2
Mongoose09- 5
BelleAnastasia- 4
fadake1234- 1

5. Poor Unfortunate Souls- The Little Mermaid, 63 pts
This is a really fun villain song. It opens up really softly and almost soothingly, but gets bigger and louder and is just a big cacophony at the end. Ursula explains her whole plan to Ariel and tells us that she’s done it before, all in the name of kindness. Now that’s evil.

rhythmicmagic- 6
KataraLover- 4
cruella- 1
princecatcher93- 7
Beastlysoul25- 10
TheCrystalRing- 1
CodyVenusTrent- 5
Animated_Paint- 3
PrincessVandal- 7
BelleAnastasia- 7
fadake1234- 8

TIED 3. friends on the Other Side- Princess and the Frog, 65 pts
This is a really great villain song. Honestly, I think this is quite a bit of the reason Dr. Facilier is so loved as a villain. It’s really smooth and pleasant. Again, like Be Prepared, it’s más Dr. Facilier talking than actually singing, but his voice is enough fun to listen to anyway that it doesn’t really matter.

rhythmicmagic- 2
dmitri_is_hot- 2
cruella- 5
princecatcher83- 1
TheCrystalRing- 3
CodyVenusTrent- 7
Animated_Paint- 3
Awinitarose- 7
PrincessVandal- 6
BelleAnastasia- 6
fadake1234- 7

TIED 3. In the Dark of the Night- Anastasia, 65 pts
In his world of evil, Rasputin decides he must find and kill anastasia so he can be rid of the entire Romanov family and not be stuck in limbo forever. It, in some ways, sounds like a classic rock song. The orchestration is loud and very electric. It definitely makes tu think this is not a guy to be messed with!

KataraLover- 3
dmitri_is_hot- 5
cruella- 2
princecatcher93- 5
TheCrystalRing- 6
Awinitarose- 8
PrincessVandal- 3
Mongoose09- 4
BelleAnastasia- 5
fadake1234- 4

2. Savages Part 2- Pocahontas, 77 pts
This is another one I’m really surprised and pleased about! It does a really good job of making everything powerful, intense, and intimidating. Both sides are canto about how the other is “savage” and “barely even human.” Pocahontas’s descant rises above and really stands in contrast to the churning core.

rhythmicmagic- 3
dmitri_is_hot- 6
cruella- 10
princecatcher93- 3
Beastlysoul25- 5
CodyVenusTrent- 10
Animated_Paint- 2
Awinitarose- 2
PrincessVandal- 4
Mongoose09- 2
BelleAnastasia- 2
fadake1234- 5

1. Hellfire- The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 91
Is anyone at all surprised? It was on 11 lists and first más than any other song at 6 times. Offset por the prelude of Quasi’s beautiful amor song and the monks’ chant, Frollo sings this powerful song in which he believes the deepest low of his sin is the pinnacle of his righteousness. This song reveals to us the twisted psyche of our villain, addressing all the taboos of children’s movies: lust, rape, and religious corruption. And those of us who amor villain songs (and who doesn’t?) couldn’t be happier.

rhythmicmagic- 1
KataraLover- 10
dmitri_is_hot- 1
princecatcher93- 6
Beastlysoul25- 2
TheCrystalRing- 2
Awinitarose- 1
PrincessVandal- 1
Mongoose09- 3
BelleAnastasia- 1
fadake1234- 1

I hope tu enjoyed it! Sorry if my computer messed up any of your usernames and I didn’t catch it.