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 CAMH 20 in 20 icono Contest Round 14 Artist Choice Set
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Goldie - Rock - A - Doodle - 1992

A story about a Chanticleer, a rooster who crows every morning so the sun comes up, until one día Chanticleer was attack por another rooster and forgets to crows. But after the sun doesn't come up this made everyone to leave him and this cause the rain. So now he is going to the city and forget all of that stuff at the farm and to make it big.

Goldie - She is the amor interest of Chanticleer and a singer. At first she was jealous of his success and his spotlight. She is also ordered por Pinky to keep him distracted from loneliness. After Chanticleer gets back inicial to the farm, immediately she leaves the mostrar biz behind and remains at the farm with Chanticleer forever:)

The End!!:)

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I've decided to put whether I actually liked the films aside to spotlight some films who have ladies as main protagonists (not secondary) so this lista is not in any particular order. I am excluding disney and pixar since tu probably have seen a majority of them. Sadly I am not mentioning Ghibli films because they are a company where about 90% of their films are led to girls so all I have to do is tell tu to pick up almost any one of their cine to get some leading ladies. I will also mention the barbie films because ALL of them have female leads.
Note these are cine I have actually watched...
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