Hi, everyone! My name is Alexandra and I am very interested in fashion. Today I want to tell tu about fashion preferences.

This is my TOP-10 favorito! CAMH outits. This parte superior, arriba isn't objective and I don't mean that other dresses are bad. I'll be very short for them but I'm not much of escritura o storyteller.

10. Megara's dress.
I really like this dress, both its color and shape.

9. Jasmine's purple engagement oufit.
Another very beautiful purple outfit.

8. Jasmine's red outfit.
I'm not a fan of ethnic clothing( this is also a reason I didn't include Anastasia's yellow ballroom gown), I prefer classic style but the gorgeous color of clothing and the shape of bracelet makes me amor it.

7. Belle's rosado, rosa outfit.[
I am indifferent to dress itself but this maroon cloak( my favorito! color). And I amor this white pelaje, piel and I amor how it frames Belle's face.

6.Tiana's white dress.
I don't like white as color too much( I like it for accessories like neckpieces but not for dresses). But I have a thing for dresses of Tiana's era. I also amor the shape of dress, I amor the feather and I amor the neckpiece(I l am a fan of neckpieces!).

5. Belle's golden gown.
This vestido is absolutely gorgeous! Modelling the outfit after princess Anna's vestido from Roman Holiday was definetely a great idea!

4. Odette's red and black gown.
This is a very elegant dress. I prefer red and black to colores real Odette wears.

3. Esmeralda's dress.
I'll be short. I amor everything about this look.

2, Anastasia's purple dress.
Everything about this dress is awesome. I amor both its shape and color. It is very parisian and makes Anya look both elegant and alluring. It's difficult to forget about this dress.

1. Anastasia's dark blue opera dress.
It's my absolute favorite. It's elegant, regal and sexy at the same time. The epitome of perfection to me!