Introverted Feeling (Fi): Sally is independent, and guided por an internal set of values that lead her to oppose the idea of adopting navidad in Halloweentown, even though the man she loves is doing it, along with the whole town. She doesn’t present a rational argument as to why he shouldn’t do it, but rather is against it because it just feels wrong to her, though she doesn’t impose her opinion on others. She doesn’t like the lifestyle Dr. Finkelstein has forced on her, but she still cares for him, and rebels quietly when she can’t take any more. Sally has trouble telling Jack she likes him, instead mostrando her affection through acts (bringing him cena and wine when he forgets to eat, helping to make his costume, going to save Sandy). She has a deep bond with Jack, even though she thinks he only sees her as a friend, and would do anything for him.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Sally is somewhat impatient, and is bored being locked up all the time. She would rather be doing something, and be out with others in town and with Jack. She has a reckless streak, continuously sneaks out, fearlessly leaps out a window and gets herself torn up, and impulsively runs off to rescue Sandy (and gets herself captured). However, she improvises very well, pouring a fog potion in the fuente to try to prevent Jack from leaving, and using her detachable limbs to get herself out of fixes o cause diversions. Sally is a talented potion-brewer. As nobody listened to her warning, she realizes she needs to take action herself.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Sally envisions a future of herself and Jack together, but is too shy about her feelings to work towards that vision. She gets a premonition of navidad ending in disaster, and worries about what Jack has gotten everyone into, though she can’t articulate to anyone why it’s true. She wants to enjoy the present moment of the navidad preparations and fun (Se), but can’t shake off her bad feeling. While she is generally considerate of the future, she sometimes doesn’t see past the current moment (like a longer-term plan than just sneaking out of inicial all the time, just to get dragged back home) o consequences (getting caught in Oogie’s lair).

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Sally is very sensible. She reasonably tells the doctor why she wants to leave, pointing out he is perfectly capable of creating others like her. Unlike Jack, a strong Ti-user, she doesn’t stop and analyze a situation, and just acts (creating foggy weather, going to save Sandy Claws so he can stop Jack, distracting Oogie). She acts on her emotions, and won’t just come out and tell Jack she loves him. She also isn’t always assertive with people when it would benefit her to be.

Note: I know INFJ is a popular typing, due to the Ni-filled “Sally’s Song”. I originally typed her as an ISFJ, then as an INFJ, then considered INFP. But I’ve realized she is definitely driven por Fi, and uses far too much Se in what she does to be an INFJ. Her Ni also isn’t as strong as a Ni-dom’s would be (Also, using intuition =/= always an Intuitive. Sensors use their intuitive functions, too.).