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piperleoforever posted on Dec 25, 2010 at 10:57PM
I just watched the last episode of season 8 and it was so great. I watched it for the second time. It made me thinking. Why not open a forum topic so people could say what they liked on the end and what not. You can also write your end down. Like who would u end it. Thats really fun.You can write it a couple of times. :)

 I just watched the last episode of season 8 and it was so great. I watched it for the segundo time. It
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hace más de un año LovingLucy said…
I'm the type of person who would like to see a happier note end kind of sad (mainly because that doesn't happen very often). So I'd kill off Phoebe and end the show as Phoebe and Christy killing each other. But that's just me. :/
hace más de un año piperleoforever said…
I know,it is too happy. But the sisters always find a way to get a sister back,they would get Phoebe back too. It would be really cooL if they could like.. Idk,maybe Christy hurts Coop,Phoebe gets angry,kills Christy but gets herself killed too. Than the sisters find a way to get Phoebe back,and Christy dies.
hace más de un año hellokitty987 said…
Yep Zoey,but it would be too.. ordinary.
What if the sisters killed Billie & Christy?
I mean Billie wouldnt be really killed just half. And than Chrsity would die.
hace más de un año ScottishChic said…
@LovingLucy- but if they killed off Phoebe then there wouldn't have been her three Charmed kids- and she'd already seen her child in a vision so she was always going to live.
@piperleoforever- But they did do that. I don't mean the Coop thing, but Phoebe and Christy DID die and Piper did find a way to bring Phoebe back and kill just Christy.

I admit, I liked the ending.
I was so glad to see the end of Christy!

Personally, though, I would have killed Billie, too. I know that they needed her to kill Christy and use her power against her, but they could have used Paige's orbing power to do that, or since Chris and Wyatt came back, Chris could have used his power to backfire Christy's magic on herself.

Also, I think I would have killed one of the husbands- I'm so glad that they all got their happily ever after and had three kids each but like you guys said, it is just too happy. I hate to say it, but maybe Leo cause I just don't think that him and Piper having another child fits- if that makes sense. I was happier with it being Wyatt and Chris... but I love Leo too much so, maybe not :P
hace más de un año piperleoforever said…
Yea,but Billie didnt see her sister in 16 years! I mean i would do everyhing to be with her,if i was Billie.Thats so naturally! Its her sister! Give her a break...
Yea the end was pretty happy and i as a person like happy endings,but i dont think that i would kill Leo. Their Love Story was too happy. Yea and the 3rd child thing,not good. They should left it on 2. :)
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