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"Class Sonic has a speach!"Chaos dicho trying to calm them down."Okay I'm having a party and everyone except Cham is invited!""Cham goes to"Chaos said."BUT TEACHER!!!""NO BUTS!""Okay"Sonic dicho as he made a new invite which he gave to Cham." Place Ant-ar-cteca....Time OVER NINE THOUSAND......I'LL BE THERE!!!!!!!!"Cham dicho as he read his invite.....LATER AT CHAO CAVE...."What's the password?"Omochao asked."WHOOPIE"Sonic replied as he entered."Ok so what's this party going to have?"Shadow asked."Yeah what he said!"Power said."Shut up.""Okay boss."Well I'm leaving the things up to you"Sonic Replied."WHAT?!?!"Shadow...
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Way #1 (can be done on SADX & SA2B)
1) Make sure tu have a GBA and the cable to connect it to your GC (and TWO memory cards).
2) Transfer the chao tu want to clone into Tiny Chao Garden.
3) Turn off your GC and switch memory cards.
4) Go to the chao transporter and pick up your chao from the GBA. Congrats! tu now have chao twins!

Way #2 (can only be done on SA2B)
1) Make sure tu have TWO memory cards.
2) Choose the file with the chao tu wish to clone, and take it to the transporter. Select move.
3) Before moving the chao to the other memory card, make sure tu take the memory card with the...
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Many of tu have heard of a few different ways to obtain chaos chao, right? Well, some of these ways are false.
One of these false ways are to feed your chao 5 of a certain frutas depending on what alignment tu want your chao to be. On SA2B, this is completely false. tu may give your chao as many different kinds of fruits as tu want, o not give it any. On SADX, tu do not have to give your chao ANY chao frutas for it to evolve into a chaos chao.
Another thing: tu CAN give your chao más than one of each animal, but try to balance the stats out so your chao evolves into a chaos chao. Same goes...
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Sonic2:Hey Shine jr.Shine jr:..........Sonic2:Uhhh Shine
jr.Shine jr:....snore....Sonic2:AHHHHHHHHH!!Shine jr:What I miss!?!Sonic2:Oh nothing important.Cham:HI GUYS!!!!!Sonic2 and Shine jr:Hi Cham >=(.Sonic2:what do ya want Cham.Cham:Im goin to kinder garden!!Sonic2:Great.Cham:Tails Sais Im going to Speicial ed.BYE GUYS!!Simutanyusly:Bye Cham.Fruit falls on Shine jrs head.DOE!!Sonic2:You ok?Shine jr:......snore.......Sonic2:Bye Shine jr.END OF EPS.THIS EPISODE TOOK PLACE IN THE NORMAL CHAO GARDEN.Thankyou.
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tu don't know what Chao are?!Why are tu on this spot in the first place is what I want to know!Whell Chao are litle creachers(look there will be alot of tipos in this review so just don't get mad at me in the first place O.K!!!)that are born from eggs in the chao garden.There are many different tipes and colers of Chao.They amor to eat nuts and fruits.They can't swim whell though.So don't put them in the water!!Chao are on these games as far as I know.Sonic Advance 1 and 2,Sonic Adventure 1 and 2,Sonic Cronicals(or so I've herd)and I think thats it.So go and find one!!!

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Paul walked along the waters edge inhaling the wonderful fragrance of the tulips. His small yellow dot formed into a corazón as he picked the plant. "AHHHHH!!!!" A cry rang out through Chao garden and Paul dashed quickly to the sound. "I-I'm here!" He huffed when he spotted Duncan, the devil Chao. He sat near the rocky edges in sorrow, his tiny arms clutching his knees. "What's wrong Duncan?" Paul asked walking to his side. "NO ONE LIKES ME!" Duncan cried. Paul gave him a sorry look. "Don't worry, you'll--" Suddenly a bright green female Chao appeared in the bushes. She giggled when they saw...
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Sonic:Bye bye.Leaves class.Cham:Hi Guys.Shine:Hi Cham.Chaos:You should be in special ed.How did tu get out?Cham:Bye guys!Sonic2 Bye cham.Sofie:Hi My name is Sofie and this is my teachers pet friend Chaos chao.My name is Sonic2.Chaos:Everone to there seats!....Sofie:Pass this to Duncan.Duncan:Smiles.Pass this to Sofie.Chaos:Sonic2!Come up here and read that note to the whole class.Sonic2:Walks to the front of the class.Dear Sofie,I think your cute.Everone drops there jaw,Especially Sofie.Sonic2:HOLY CR*P DOOD!During recess.Duncan:Im gonna teach tu a lesson tu will never forget.????:Leave him alone.Duncan:OH NO ITS TAILS DOLL CHAO!!!!!Sonic2:Thanks Tails doll chao.Tails doll chao:Just call me Tailsdoll its easyer.Sonic2:Why are they afraid of you?Tailsdoll:The real Tails doll made me.Bye.After recess.RING RING!!Chaos goodbye children.End of season 1.This episode took place in kinder garden.This season took place in SAB2.Thankyou.
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Sofie ran back to her friends in the garden. "Maria! Alice!" She screamed flailing her arms. The girls looked at her and smiled. "Sofie!" They dicho together. Sofie ran up to them and put her hand on Maria's shoulder for support as she wheezed and gasped for air. "You guys! See that boy over there?" She asked pointing to Duncan as he came out of the cave. The girls nodded but didn't like the looks of him. He was goth-punk rocker looking. Sofie's friend were not pleased with his appearence. "I think he's cute..." She whispered. Her friends gave her disgusted faces. "HIM?!" They screamed together. "Yes!" She answered with her hands on her small hips. How could they not approve of her choice? After all he was the only boy besides Paul in the garden, and Alice was already dating him, Sofie thought. She huffed anger at her friends and left, back to her inicial in the siguiente garden.
THIS EPISODE TAKES PLACE IN THE DARK GARDEN.Sonic2:Hey Spawn!!!Spawn:Yes Sonic2.Sonic2:I got a rattle from a race!Spawn:Cool.Sonic2:Hey look.Toxica:Hi guys.Spawn:In a shy voice.Hi.Sonic2:So hows Toxic doing?Toxica:Good.Bye guys.Leaves.Sonic2:You have a crush on her.Spawn:Your not a sonic chao yet.Sonic2:And your not a dark chao yet.Spawn:Touche.Well bye.Sonic2:Gonna spy on Toxica.Spawn:Maybe.END OF EPISODE 1.The chao in this chao tales and all of my chao are real chao from my game SAB2 AKA Sonic adventure battle 2.Thankyou.
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the coolest chao
tu can get a see thogh chao!
Buzzy:Hello and welcome to the hero garden.Sonic2:That was great.Buzzy:Really?Stitch:BOOOO!!Sonic2:Hey Stitch.Uhhhh...Buzzy.Touches Buzzy,Buzzy falls over.HES frozen FROM FEAR.Stitch:Hee hee hee,Sorry.God:Hey guys,WHOA.Trips over Buzzy.Whats wrong with him?Stitch:Oh noth...Sonic2:Shhhhhhh.Amy:What the...poor Chao Your going to the doctor and I can still make it inicial to Sonic.Walks out of garden.Buzzy:I still dont know why we have to shut up when someone comes into the garden.God:Well actually its a long story,ok it all started....Sonic2:SHHHH.Sonic:Im sure Amy was in here.I cant wait for tonight.OH...Here ya go sonic2.Gives Chao a green chaos drive.Walks away...There tu are Amy.Amy:Puts chao down.Sonic:now lets go inicial and have some "FUN".Amy:Giggles.Stitch:What did Sonic mean por "FUN"?God:Beats me.Fruit falls on Buzzys head.Buzzy:Wakes up.What did I miss.Sonic2:Oh nothing Important.END OF EPS.3.EPS.3 TOOK PLACE IN HERO GARDEN.THANKYOU