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Opinion by addiee posted hace más de un año
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Hilarie on Chad
"And I hope tu all enjoy my show. Oh wait, no not my show...Chad will sh-t a brick if he hears me calling it my show..."

"He's a whore but he's hot. He's a good kisser and I would know... Not to brag"

"The Chad" is what we like to call him. Chad Michael Murray, he uh, he's devastatingly handsome, all the girls in Wilmington are freaking out over him, him and James, it's really them combined. I just feel like Mother Hen trying to fend off all the women as we walk around and try to go out to cena down in Wilmington. Um, but they both are, they both have that gaze, where, I'm used to working at MTV, I mean like, hola how are you, tell me a little bit about yourself, and at this WB show, these boys gaze into my eyes and tell me sweet things and I don't know what to do with myself"

"There's something very mischievous about Chad. He's a prankster, and he takes pride in it. He'll leave a little present form his dog in your trailer, o make faces during your close-up. But he's got such an angle on being charming. He's got the bad-boy laugh, the blond-boy dimples--he's cute as hell. His specialty is eye contact, really focusing...
Opinion by addiee posted hace más de un año
fan of it?
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1. Because he refused tongue, but fondled her culo instead.
2. Because she stood por him when things got tough after CS.
3. Because they can totally goof off together.
4. Because they were friends before OTH.
5. Because they rocked Dawsons Creek too!
6. Because they're hitting TRL together!
7. Because according to Hil, they were "reunited!"
8. Because she gave him the "Let's hook up after the game" smile.
9. Because they make eachother smile.
10. Because she thinks he's "cute as hell."
11. Because he thinks she's "beautiful."
12. Because they're fruit-cakin' adorable.
13. Because she calls him cupcake.
14. Because they light up our screens.
15. Because they have undeniable chemistry.
16. Because he doesn't say 'no tongue' anymore.
17. Because they're amor puppies!
18. Because their commentaries own us!
19. Because they both wanna be adopted por Angelina Jolie!
20. Because they always mirror each other.