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MissSpens posted on Jul 27, 2012 at 02:20PM
Hey there Castle Fans!
It's just about 60 days before Season 5 premieres! I thought it would be fun to start a countdown of Castle Topic leading up that magical September 24 premiere date!! So every day I'll post a different Question something relating to Castle or Caskett! It will be fun to share opinions or re-live some fun memories!

So... first Question of the Countdown:

How Long have You been a Castle Fan? Share how you found out about the show! :)
 hola there castillo Fans! It's just about 60 days before Season 5 premieres! I thought it would be fun

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hace más de un año MissSpens said…
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I've been a Castle fan for a little over a year now! I found out about Castle from an AOL video clip they were talking about the season 3 finale! I saw the clip of Castle saying "I love you" to Kate when she got shot and I was like... "Oh my goodness!! That is so romantic! I have to see this series!" I soon got season 1 and started watching and was a CASKETT fan from the get-go! Now my whole family is are Castle Fans! :)
hace más de un año drewjoana said…
I am been a Castle Huge fan since Day One and that was about three years ago, since then, I am 100% Caskett!!! I am so glad that I found this amazing tv show and this wonderful & talented actors!!!
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 I am been a castillo Huge fan since día One and that was about three years ago, since then, I am 100% C
hace más de un año NCISLOVER said…
Hmm... Well, I started watching at the end of Season 1 but really started being a Castle fan at the beginning of Season 2 and went back to watch the episodes I missed. So two years ago I guess! My mom actually had it on one night and I just started watching it! Started being a Caskett fan after the Season 3 Finale!
hace más de un año Kaydie said…
I watched Bones on Channel 7 and Castle always played after that and one of the cases looked really interesting and I really wanted to watch it (2x07 Famous Last Words) so that was about 3 years ago and have been watching it ever since. It's now my favourite show!!
hace más de un año vaso789 said…
I'm huge Castle fan for about a year now. I found out about the series in some multifandom videos on youtube. I fell in love for it since the first episode! They're so perfect!!!! My second favourite show!!!!
hace más de un año callianltm said…
I have been a castle fan for 3 years.
I was with my grand mother and I wanted to watch Castle (I had seen a promo ), it was episode 7 of season 1, and I totally adore !:) now I am addicted to the show ^^^'
hace más de un año marakii said…
About 3 months now :)
2 friends of mine were watching the show and they recomend it to me {so freaking happy they did<3 because this is the best written show!)