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 Breathtaking trofeos of Castiel!
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This Castiel screencap might contain traje de negocios and juego de negocio.

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Cas’ eyes flashed open and his chest went up and down. He was tied onto a chair and he felt a sharp pain in both his hands. He looked down at his shirt, which was soaked in blood. He moved his arms and the pain in his hands became worse. He looked over his shoulder and saw how an ángel sword pinched his hands together. He heard footsteps and tried to free himself.
“You’re awake” Zoey dicho breathless. She was carrying a plate with food. “Good”
“You killed all those people” Cas dicho trembling. “Why?”
Zoey sighed. “Do we have to talk about that?” She lifted the plate. “Look,...
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Meg sat on her knees, outside the police station. With her right hand she held her stomach and with her left she tried to pull herself up on the wall. She closed her eyes and focused.
Meg opened her eyes and saw Sam walking in her direction. He helped her up, while Dean frowned.
“How did tu get out?” he wanted to know.
Sam helped Meg to the couch, but she refused to lie down. She groaned from the pain.
“What is wrong with you?” Dean asked.
“Daphne attacked me” Meg dicho difficult. “My stomach hurts, my hands hurt”
“Cas’ ex attacked you, why?” Sam asked surprised.
“It’s not her fault” Meg said. “Zoey manipulated her. Where’s Cas?”
Sam looked at Dean, who scratched his head.
“Please, tell me tu know where he is” Meg dicho weak.
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