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 Castiel [6x20]
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the man who would be king
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This Castiel icono contains traje de negocios and juego de negocio. There might also be auditor de guerra, juez defensor, traje de tres piezas, dos piezas, juego de dos piezas, juego de salón, traje de dos piezas, traje de salón, and de dos piezas traje de.

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Anna leaned over Dean’s body. She had managed to ship them to an Angel-free zone, but there was no doubt that they sensed her presence and as segundos passed she could feel their presence closing in on her.
“Dean, wake up, we have to move” Anna urged him, while shaking him, but dying twice with only a brief pause between both times wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.
She gave up trying to wake him, and pulled his arm over her shoulder. After a quick look right and left she disappeared and rematerialized in front of the dungeons.
“Anna, fancy seeing tu here” Gabriel scoffed.
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castiel and meg
don't deserve tu
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