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Jimmy closed the door of the hospital behind him. He was lucky it was dark. His hospital delantal would’ve been very noticeable in broad daylight. Nevertheless he needed clothes. He couldn’t travel in hospital clothes. People might think he’s some nutcase who escaped. He started window shopping, staying in the shadows.
After a while he came across a clothing shop. He looked around to make sure no one was looking his direction. Then he grabbed a flowerpot from the window-ledge and threw it through the window. The glass shattered and Jimmy jumped inside, while the alarm was howling. He quickly...
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caged heat
Dean entered the café Cas had left an hora ago. Cas had called him por using speed dial, but then his phone dropped and all he could hear was a struggle and someone saying ‘I know you’
Dean had looked almost everywhere. He had been asking for him in eat café’s, restaurants, coffee shops, while he tried getting him on the phone.
He walked to the bar and tapped on it.
“Good evening, I’m looking for someone. A man, tall, dark hair, wears a trench coat” Dean described Cas.
The barkeeper, who knew who Dean was talking about, peeked at the three men who had returned. Then he turned back...
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When Cas and Zoey finally came downstairs más guests had arrived. And among the guests there was a four año old girl. She had blonde, wavy hair, green eyes, chubby cheeks and thin lips. She ran towards Zoey and Zoey lifted her in her arms.
“There tu are, Poppy” Zoey said.
“Mommy” the girl squeaked, squeezing her chubby arms tightly around Zoey’s neck, suffocating her.
“Is that Alexia?” Cas asked. Zoey nodded and put her daughter on her own feet. “Say hi to Emmanuel, sweetie”
Alexia reached out her hand and smiled. “Hello, Emmanuel”
Cas accepted the tiny hand and Alexia...
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Meg was sitting on her bed. She had sneaked inside as soon as Dean had left. Jo had promised her to get him out of the house. She didn’t want to deal with his snarky commentary.
Sam was sitting on the cama as well. He felt weird around Meg, but since Cas was sick and there was no one else, they might as well keep each other company.
“How is it like? Being human?” Sam asked, trying to break the ice. “I mean, after being a demon for so long”
“Honestly? It sucks. Big time” Meg replied bitter. “I’ve always been able to recall every single murder I’ve committed, but I’ve never...
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Zoey parked her car in front of Daphne’s house. She tapped the wheel, waiting for Cas and Daphne to get out as quick as possible, so she could drive away as soon as she was legally allowed to. Her nose really hurt and Daphne wouldn’t let Cas heal her.
“Before I get out, there’s something I need to say” Daphne started and Zoey had the feeling that whatever her sister was about to say it wasn’t an apology.
“I’m going to change the locks” Daphne said. “I know tu still have a key of the house and I can’t have tu sneaking in each time tu feel like it”
Zoey shook her head...
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Cas stroked his hair and tried to keep his breathing under control. Meg didn’t understand. He needed more. He had lied about the pain being back, but he hadn’t lied about needing another dose. He opened the upper buttons of his shirt, suddenly feeling feverish.
He hurried to the dresser and opened all drawers and cupboard doors. He searched through them, checking all boxes, finding nothing. He slammed everything shut and began to rub his fingers again.
“If I were a medicine cabinet, where would I be?” Cas mumbled trembling and out of breath. He ran to the stairs and sprinted upstairs. He went to the bathroom and opened the mirror cupboard.
“Got it” he said, sighing relieved and he grabbed all boxes that had medicines in it. He took out all the strips and swallowed the pills one por one.
He leaned against the cold, marble muro and sank down on the floor. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.
The siguiente morning.
Cas woke up on the sofá of Meg’s motel. He slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes. Light shone through the curtains and Cas stood up and walked to them to open them. Dean’s Impala was parked across the street.
Meg ticked on the side windows of Dean’s car and Dean jumped up. He frowned and blinked to remember where he was. When he did, he turned the window down.
“What are tu doing here so early?” Meg asked.
“What’s in the bag?” Dean nodded at the small paper bag Meg was holding in her right hand.
“Breakfast” Meg replied short.
“Thanks, tu shouldn’t have”...
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Dean carried Cas to the entrance, where Zoey blocked their way.
“You’re not going anywhere” she said.
“Right, because you’re going to stop me” Dean dicho sarcastic. He pushed Zoey away and walked further to the entrance.
Zoey jumped his back. She tugged his hair and scratched his face.
Dean lay Cas down as careful as possible. He grabbed Zoey’s hair and pulled her off. He smacked her on the ground and kicked her wherever he could.
“I think you’re losing your ángel juju” Dean said.
Zoey crawled towards Cas. She grabbed his collar and dragged him away, closer to the edge of the holy circle.
“What are tu doing?” Dean asked scared.
He got his answer as Zoey emptied a few bottled of alcohol she had kept their in stock. She conjured a lighter and smiled evil at Dean.
“No!” Dean shouted, but Zoey dropped the lighter and caused another fire.
Jo was sitting on her bed. Her mother assumed she was already fast asleep, but the opposite was true. She had heard Sam and Dean leave and she was furious she was left behind again, with no such thing as a goodbye. She was dead, for crying out loud! Would it kill Dean to mostrar a little consideration? There had been no time for Jo to stop Dean from leaving, but that didn’t mean she was letting him get away with it.
“Anna? Anna, can tu hear me?” she whispered. She heard wings and a segundo later Anna was in her room. “Wow, that was quick”
“What’s up?” Anna asked. “I’m busy”...
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The demon jumped up and floated in front of Meg.
“Missed me, pumpkin?” he smirked. He noticed Meg’s clothes were restored and her cuts where healed. “We should do something about that”
He ripped her camisa, camiseta open and Cas looked aside, something that didn’t go unnoticed. “I think you’ve got yourself a spy, Meg”
“Leave her alone” Cas dicho sharp.
“Okay, because tu ask so nicely” the demon dicho sarcastic.
“She’s suffered enough. Take me now” Cas insisted.
Another smirk appeared on the demon’s face and he averted his head to Cas. “Angel’s being a little impatient,...
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WHIC=What Happened in Colorado

Mitch, a tall, tanned man with black, spiky hair and hazel eyes opened the door of castillo Café and entered. The first thing he noticed was a man lying on the ground at the bar. He sighed and walked to the man. He kicked him softly. “Sir, wake up. We open in two hours”
Cas opened his eyes and suddenly felt how soar he was. He squeezed his eyes and looked at Mitch. “Who are you?” he asked.
Mitch rolled his eyes, grabbed Cas’ upper arm and lifted him on his feet. “There tu go” he said.
“You are strong” Cas noted admirable.
Mitch frowned and looked...
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While Cas put his clothes back on Meg wrapped the sheets around her and walked towards the door.
“Where tu going?” Cas asked.
“Going to take a look in Heather’s wardrobe. I don’t like these clothes” Meg replied and she left the room. Cas took advantage of Meg’s absence to look around in the room. He lifted the mattress, opened the closets and threw all its content on the floor. He pulled the drawers open and threw them on the bed.
“Where is it, Heather? Where do tu keep it?” Cas mumbled as he kept looking.
Meg opened the closet in Heather’s bedroom and checked her wardrobe....
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Sam parked the car in front of their motel. Dean was in no state to drive and even if he was he’d be capable of crashing into a wall. He helped Dean walk to the porch, while he tried to find his key with his free hand.
He could’ve saved himself the trouble, though. The door opened and Jo appeared. She moved aside and let Sam carry Dean inside. He brought him to the sofá and put him down. Dean fell down and closed his eyes.
Sam walked towards Jo.
“Is he going to be okay?” Jo asked with a concerned nod at Dean.
“Physically, sure” Sam replied. “Emotionally, I don’t think so. Not...
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Sam was back at the motel, when the door opened and Ellen and Jo came in. Sam looked up and his eyes widened. “Jo” he sighed relieved. He walked to her and threw his arms around her. “You’re alive, thank God”
“Yeah” Jo said, tapping Sam’s shoulder.
Sam scratched his neck. “Eh, do tu want some coffee? I can make some” he suggested.
“No, don’t bother, we’re good” Ellen said.
“It’s no bother” Sam said. “I was going to make some anyway” And thus he walked to the kitchen.
“Where’s Dean? I’d like to see him. He wasn’t in his room anymore” Jo said.
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