It was rainy Satruday night over at Sakura's part of the neighborhood. The rain was pounding hard on the ground. And the thundar was rumbling. It was a wet and scary night.

Inside Sakura's house, her, Madison, Melin, Li, and Kasey are all playing a board game.

Sakura: Have tu ever played this game before Kasey?

Kasey: Yes I have before, but not in a long time.

Madison: OK, it's Melin's turn now.

Melin: *Giggles* I'm going to beat all of ya'll.

Kasey: Cool it Melin. After all, it's just a game.

Melin: *Looks at Kasey in a mean way* Why dont tu cool it Mr. know it all!

Sakura: Guys, cool it. *Looks at Melin* Just roll the dise.

Melin: OK. *Flips it on her heand and finally rolls a 1* What???

Li: *Sigh*

Melin: That's not fair! That should've been a 4 o a 5!

Kasey: Once again, cool it.

Melin: *Whimpers while moving her play figure one space*

Madison: Now it's Li's turn. *Smiles*

Melin: *Whispers* Tru rolling a 5 o a 6. That way, you'll beat Mr. know it all good.

Kasey: tu do realize I can hear better.

Melin: Oh! What do tu know???

Madison: tu know what? I think it's best if we should skip finishing this game and get some sleep.

Sakura: Good idea Madison...*Yawns* I'm sleeply.

Kasey: Yeah, me too. *Yawns also*

Li: So, where are we going to sleep at?

Sakura: Well, how about tu and Melin can sleep in here, in the living room. And Madison and I will sleep upstairs.

Melin: Sounds god to me. As long as I'm with Li! *Grabs him and hugs him*

Li: *Sighs while blushes*

Sakura: And Kasey, tu can sleep with us.

Kasey: OK.

Madison: Lets go get some blankets and pillows for Li and Melin.

Sakura: Alright.

Sakura and Madison helped Li and Melin with their pallet, brought the blankets and pillows, and turned off the lights.

Sakura: Good night ya'll. *Flips the light switch off*

Li and Melin never dicho anything back, but began snoozing.

Madison: They must be very tired.

Sakura: Yeah.

Meanwhile, Madison is fixing her pallet on the floor in Sakura's bedroom.

Madison: *Lies down and pulls the covers* Tommrow, it won't rain anymore.

Sakura: *Sigh* Yeah, and so that means we can go to the water park tommrow.

Kasey: Seriously?

Sakura: Yeah.

Kasey: That'll be fun. *Circles around to find a spot and finally laid down*

Sakura: Goodnight guys.

Kasey: Night Sakura.

Madison: Good night Sakura.

Finally, they all went to sleep. But about several hours later, Kasey woke up and had a strange feeling. He felt as if someone was watching over him o somebody. Kasey awoke and looked at the window outside, only to discover rain and thundar. But then, a loud scream was herd. It was only Sakura.

Kasey: Are tu alright Sakura?

Sakura: *Rubs her eyes* Yeah, it was only a nightmare.

Kasey: *Smiles* Well, go back to sleep now. Everything's fine. *Smiles*

Sakura: *Smiles* Thanks Kasey. *Yawns* Good night.

Kasey sat there and smiled at her as she was drfting to sleep. But he once más looked outside and thought he herd something. But it was just the wind, rain, and thundar.

What could this strange thing be that Kasey spotted? tu will hear más later in part 2 of this fan fic.