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I amor this song. It pretty much reminds me of him. And btw, I did not make this video
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 Eo's lust in the woods face expresssion
Eo's lust in the woods face expresssion
Let the story begin. Eo!!! Eo!!!!EEEEEEOOOOO!!! L7 shouted.What the fuck do tu want L7!!! Eo shouted back. Boys language yelled ball. Sorry they both said. Boys I have some special news.
I'm now a commander and I decided to be the commander of tu guys. Fuck!!!!!L7 & Eo yelled. You're both grounded. But m-m-m-my 16 th birthday dicho L7. We'll celebrate it if tu both can mostrar good behavior in 3 days. Yes sir Yes sir L7 & Eo yelled. They went to cama early did their homework and always was nice to each other. It's been the 3rd día of your punishment so I see tu both did well so L7 you're...
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"Cassie, there is no way for me to easily explain myself. So I'm going to just come right out and say it." dicho Lila. She was prepping Cassandra for the truth. "What?" "I am not from Earth. I am from a relm call Heimdall. It is a beautiful place. That is where I was born. Eo as well. We are not from here." There was dead silence between the girls. Lila wasn't sure if Cassandra believed her o not. It was hard for Lila to read Cassie. "I don't believe you." "Okay. Then I'll prove it." Lila lifted her right hand in front of Cassandra and before their eyes, Lila had made fuego come from her hand....
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Lila started pacing back and forth while she thought what SHE needed to do. All the preasure was on her whether they will stay together o not. She didn't want to leave Earth but she wanted to be with Captain Eo forever now. Lila knew she couldn't have everything so she had to sacrifice one out of the two greatest things she ever had. Lila finally came to a decision but she wasn't happy that's what she chose. Lila got down on her knees and looked at Eo straight in the eyes. She placed her hands on his legs and sighed. "Captain, I know what I'm going to let go and I'm afraid of loosing it but...
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