"Cassie, there is no way for me to easily explain myself. So I'm going to just come right out and say it." dicho Lila. She was prepping Cassandra for the truth. "What?" "I am not from Earth. I am from a relm call Heimdall. It is a beautiful place. That is where I was born. Eo as well. We are not from here." There was dead silence between the girls. Lila wasn't sure if Cassandra believed her o not. It was hard for Lila to read Cassie. "I don't believe you." "Okay. Then I'll prove it." Lila lifted her right hand in front of Cassandra and before their eyes, Lila had made fuego come from her hand. It didn't burn her at all! She was creating the fire! "LILA! WHAT ARE tu DOING?" yelled Cassandra. She was frightened of her friend and what she could do. "I'm proving myself. I am not like you. I'm different." Cassandra started to calm down and get near Lila again.

"Is Eo the same?" Lila nodded her head and didn't speak unless it was neccesary. "What happened? What made tu come here and everything afterwards between tu two?" Lila took a deep breath and closed her eyes as if she was repeating every moment in her head like a video tape. Then, she opened her mouth to start from the last morning she woke Eo up before her leaving.

*Back in Heimdall with Eo and the crew*

"What do tu mean she's not coming back?!" asked Hooter. Eo had told everyone everything (well almost everything) that happened when he got there and found Lila. "She doesn't want to come back. Even after I told her that I loved her, Lila chose to stay. I can't do anything to change her mind. Lila will stay on Earth and we will stay away from her as she wishes." Everyone was back in deep depression after hoping that Eo would come back with Lila por his side, holding hands as the "family" came back together and would never part again. But all their hope disappeared. "But......we need her." dicho Suna. Her little red eyes watered with tears as she tried to hold them back. "I know. But there is nothing we can do. We have to go without Lila." Eo went over to the little monkey-cat and hugged her even though she was as small as a human baby.

After everyone was informed on the tragedy that was brought upon them all, they went to their rooms to rest and get Lila off their minds. Eo needed it the most. As he laid in cama with only his pajama pants on and no shirt, he rested his hands behind his head and starred at the ceiling. Remembering the feeling of her lips pressing against his, how she felt when her warm skin glided on his. Eo started to cry to himself and nearly cried himself to sleep. How could she break his corazón the way she did? As Eo lay there, he became angry and full of rage. He wanted to yell and scream and hit and kick.

Right when Eo was drifting into sleep after crying into his almohada for a while, his corazón skipped a beat. Something he didn't think would happen did. But how and why? Eo turned to his nighstand and lifted a little hologram disc that he and the crew would use to communicate from long distances with each other. He held up to see the image better and then cried más when he saw the best thing he needed now.

*Lila on Earth*

"This is what we use to contact each other. It's a hologram disc. Whenever we would be on a mission, this is how we would communicate." Lila was explaining all the little gadgets she still had to Cassandra. Cassandra was fascinated now, knowing her closest friend is not even really human. As Cassie examined the communication device, Lila got excited. She never thought of the idea that bursted instead her head. "Cassie! Give me that!" Lila snatched the device out of Cassie's hands and played around with it. Lila never thought about contacting Eo to see if he would take her back now that she wanted to go home. "Lila, what are tu doing?" "Something I should have done before Eo left." They waited and waited for Eo to come up. Finally, Lila felt her corazón stop for one segundo when his gorgeous face appeared before them.

"Lila? What do tu want?" dicho Eo. Lila could see the tears he had cried earlier. She had her own coming as well. "EO! I'm sorry! I have no idea why I dicho I would stay here! I need you! I want to come home!" Lila pleaded and begged for Eo to finally forgive her. Eo didn't want to forgive her because he didn't want her to think he is weak. But he couldn't resist being away from her. "Alright! I forgive you. I'll send a pod tomorrow for tu to come back home. I amor you, Lila" dicho Eo. "I amor you. I'm so sorry I hurt you. I will never be that way again!" replied Lila. They both shared a smile then waved goodbye before each of their imágenes disappeared. Lila felt that she did the right thing. She was happy.

*The siguiente morning*

The el espacio pod was sent and ready in Lila's backyard. She had everything packed that she had brought with her to Earth. Lila was anxious to get back to Heimdall. She couldn't wait! She took one last look at her inicial before entering the pod. It was already set on autopilot for her so she woudln't have to do any driving.

Lila entered inside and closed the door. She pressed the button to lift her off and send her home. It would only take a few hours. She thought it would be nice to take a small nap during the ride. It wouldn't bother her since it was different from driving. No bumpy roads could prevent her from sleeping. But as she watched the directions she was going, she noticed something was wrong. Lila passed Heimdall.

Where is she going? Why did Eo set the pod wrong? How can she make it so she can drive? She never really had to guide a el espacio pod before except one time. Lila forgot how to work the controls! Lila looked to see where she was about to land and it was not a good place to be. The pod was taking her to Jutonheim. The inicial of the evil queen, Aaliyah. Eo told Lila to never go there. But she has no control! What Lila didn't know is that aaliyah has a grudge against Eo and she knows he loves Lila. This is Aaliyah's way of getting revenge from whatever Eo had done. Lila doesn't know that this is because of Aaliyah. Lila needs Eo!