As the sun's light came through the bedroom windows, Eo woke up to find Lila sleepy peacefully in his arms. He remembered everything that happened yesterday and how happy he was. He smiled at Lila while she was dreaming and lightly kissed the parte superior, arriba of her head. Captain Eo then looked outside and saw that Lila pick a inicial with a very beautiful view of the ocean. It was breath-taking. Eo was in awe on how gorgeous the view was. "This is what she wakes up to every morning?" Eo thought to himself. He started to smile when he felt and saw Lila moving a little bit in his arms. When he tried to release his left arm, Lila grabbed it and put it back on her waist. Eo thought he woke her but she was just moving in her sleep. He giggled to himself and then looked back outside.

After a while, Eo felt Lila mover again and he looked back at her. She woke up and looked as if she just woke up after sleeping for years. Lila noticed she was laying with someone and then looked at Eo. She smiled at him and said,"Good morning, Captain Eo." Eo smiled back and said,"Good morning, Lila." Lila leaned towards Eo and kissed him a long lustful and passionate kiss. When she finally broke the kiss, Eo said,"You know, you're a very lucky girl." "What do tu mean?" Eo pointed his finger towards the window. "You live in this amazing inicial and tu wake up to a beautiful view of this big body of water! What más could tu ask for?" "Well one, the big body of water is called an ocean and two the only other thing I could ask for I already have now." "What?" Lila smiled and said,"I have tu now."

They both kissed again and got out of cama and got dressed. Lila put on a pair of blue jeans with a sky blue short sleeve shirt. Eo didn't have his clothes with him. They were still in the el espacio pod so he could only put on his normal uniform. "Hahaha! Eo, tu can't go walking around like that. tu need something else." Lila dicho as she watched him get dressed. "Like what?" "Give me a half hora and I'll find tu something to wear at a store. Don't worry."

Lila grabbed her black pisos and her bolso, monedero and chaqueta then walked over to Eo to give him a hug. "Where are tu going?" "I told you, I'm going to a store to buy tu an outfit. I'll be back shortly. Just stay here." Eo leaned down to give Lila a kiss good-bye. As they kissed, his grip got tighter on her back like he didn't want to stop. They finally broke the kiss and Lila headed down stairs. "I amor you!" She shouted. "I amor you, more!" Eo replied.

*1 hora later*

"Eo! I'm home! Where are you?" Lila said, coming through the door with two bags in each hand. Eo came down the stairs with just his el espacio pants on and no shirt. "Hi, Lila." dicho Eo as he gave Lila a kiss on the cheek. "Hi. Where's your shirt?" "I didn't put it on because I was really hot. So, what did tu buy me?" Lila put the bags on the sofá and reached into one. "I got you. . . . . .This button-down shirt. . . . .a pair of pants. . . . .a couple of white t-shirts to put under tu button-down camisa, camiseta and some black dress shoes but they are really called penny loafers." Eo examined everything Lila pulled out. "I amor it. These do look like something I would wear. I'll go upstairs and try them on." Eo took the bags and headed upstairs to put on the clothes.

Eo walked down the stairs with his new clothes on and had a big smile. "I amor it, Lila! It's perfect! Thank you." He stood at the bottom of the steps so Lila could get a perfect, full view of him. "Eo, that really does look good on you! tu look very handsome. I'm glad it all fits you." Lila walked over to Eo as she examined him. He stepped down and gave her a warm hug. "Thank you, again." he dicho with his arms still around her. "You're welcome, babe. What's wrong? tu don't sound happy." Eo released his grip from Lila and sat on the couch. "Eo, did something happen while I was gone? Did one of the guys contact you?" Eo woudn't talk. He just sat there. "Captain. . . . .is everything alright?"

"I have to go back. The guys need me but I don't want to leave you. I'm afraid of leaving tu but they need me. Won't tu come back?" Eo said, looking at Lila with desperassion. "Captain. . . .I-I told I was happy here. And now that I'm with you, everything is perfect. I don't think I can leave. Can't tu just come back?" "But what if they need me again? What, I'm just going to go back and forth? I can't do that. I need stay there in case something happens. Please, just come with me. We can still be together."

Lila started pacing back and forth while she thought what SHE needed to do. All the preasure was on her whether they will stay together o not. She didn't want to leave Earth but she wanted to be with Captain Eo forever now. Lila knew she couldn't have everything so she had to sacrifice one out of the two greatest things she ever had. Lila finally came to a decision but she wasn't happy that's what she chose. Lila got down on her knees and looked at Eo straight in the eyes. She placed her hands on his legs and sighed. "Captain, I know what I'm going to let go and I'm afraid of loosing it but I need to stay with the other." Eo got closer to her face and whispered,"What?" Lila eyes started to water and she grabbed his hands and held them tight as he did with hers. "I want to stay. . . . . . ."

To Be Continued. Will Lila stay with Eo o will Lila choose to stay on Earth?

Eo's new look for Earth! Doesn't he look so handsome?