Lila left Cassandra's birthday party at around 9:30. She didn't want Eo to start worrying about her. As she kept thinking about Eo, she remembered what she dicho to Cassandra. "Yeah. We're together." she heard in her head as she remembered the conversation. Lila felt funny when she dicho that. She had a feeling she never felt before but she liked it. Just like she liked the feeling of Eo besar her and holding the way he did. And she liked when they told each other they loved each other. She was happy with her life. But Lila was unsure if she wanted to stay on Earth o go back with Eo. Maybe she could convince him to stay with her on Earth.

After Lila parked the car, she went inside her inicial and headed upstairs. She went into her room finding many candles lit and a red peddles across the room. The candles lit her room up perfectly for her to be able to see. She looked around to find Eo standing behind her with another rose in his hand. "I missed you, Lila." dicho Eo, leaning towards her to give Lila a lustful and passionate kiss. "I missed you, too. What is all of this?" "I did this for you. I wanted to make tonight special. I wasn't joking when I dicho I was going to finish tu tonight." Eo handed Lila the rose and watched her as she took in a deep breath, smelling the freshly cut red rose. "Thank you." she said, smiling at him like she had a very naughty urge pertaining him. And she did have one.

Eo leaned closer to her again and kissed her slowly and hard and deep. She wrapped one arm around his neck and carressed the side of his face with the other hand. Eo pulled her closer to him and started slid his left hand up and down her sides. She started to sigh and moan from the feeling of his lips and the feeling of his hands on her. They started to speed the pace up and, once again, French Kiss. Lila started to gently pull on Eo's hair and hold him close to her while she wrapped her other arm around his neck. Eo then wrapped his arms completely across her back like he was hugging her and held the back of her head with his hand. He then lowered his hands to his sides and gestured for her lift her legs up so he would carry her. She followed his order and allowed him to pick her up.

Eo walked over to the cama and sat down like earlier with Lila on his lap. They kept besar as they tried to undress each other. When Lila pulled off Eo's camisa, camiseta she started to kiss his chest and go up to his neck while he held her head and watched her kiss him. They laid down with Lila on him and their lips met once again. They rolled over for Eo to be on her and he started to kiss her neck and headed his way to her stomach. He stopped there and worked his magic. Lila was sighing and moaning más from the feeling of him. She started to rub the back of Eo's head and tangle her fingers in his black curly hair.

Her urge was growing and she couldn't control it anymore. She grabbed Eo's hair and made him look up. They were both breathing slightly heavy as they looked at each other. Without her saying anything, Eo new what Lila wanted and she wanted it now. He looked back down and undid her jeans and slid them off of her. He climbed on to the cama again and was on his knees. Lila sat up and started to get his spacepants undone. Eo then got off the cama and took off his pants as Lila got under the covers. Eo went under and laid back on her and slowly kissed her as he slid her underwear down. Lila did the same with his boxers and they both dropped them to the floor.

"You really want to do this?" Eo asked with a smile. Lila nodded her head and pulled the sheets to their waists. Eo slowly started to please Lila and go nice and slow but hard. They both shut their eyes because of the feeling they were having. Lila was moaning and Eo was sighing as he went harder and a little bit faster. "Eo......Oh, God.......Mmmmm." is all Lila could say. Eo didn't say anything. He just moaned and sighed. Lila opened her eyes and looked into his. They both smiled and Eo put his forehead against hers and they both closed their eyes again when Eo went faster. There were so many feelings and thoughts running through their minds, they couldn't really think clearly. But they were más worried about what was currently happening.

Eo rolled over so Lila would be ontop of him. She stayed laying down but was still moving as he held her close to him. They kissed as they made amor and sounds were still coming out of them. The two were still covered from the waist down with the sheet and comforter. Eo started to breath heavier as his urge was growing stronger and Lila's was calming. Eo sat Lila and himself up and made her look at him. He still was pleasing her as they sat up. They held other close as if they were hugging for the first time in years. Lila was squinting her eyes as he went harder. She was completely pleased but she wanted more. Eo had his head buried into her shoulder and was breathing heavy from this feeling. He was happy everything he wanted was happening pertaining Lila.

As Eo slowed down and gave just a few más thrusts, they started to loosen their hold and open their eyes. Lila looked at Eo with his eyes still shut and sweat across his forehead and on his neck and chest. They were both breathing heavy as if they just ran a marathon. "Eo...look at me." She panted. Eo opened his eyes and saw Lila smiling and she also had sweat on her chest but only there. Maybe it's because she never took off her bra. They kissed again and turned over so Eo was laying on her. Lila broke the kiss because she had to catch her breath. Eo watched as Lila controlled her breathing. " do tu feel?" Eo asked. "I feel....really good. Happy." Lila said. They both smiled and gave a quick kiss.

"I actually never believed this would happen." dicho Eo. "Neither did I. But it did! Haha." "Yeah. It really did." Lila layed on her back with the pillows behind her head as she looked at Eo, still sweating, and rubbed the back of his head with one hand and layed her other hand on his lower back. All Eo did was lay on her and look at her. Lila was getting another feeling again. She felt she wasn't completely satisfied. "You know what the funny thing is?" Lila asked. "What?" "I don't feel like I had enough." "What do tu mean, Lila?" Lila smiled and said,"I have my own command for you. Eo looked confused because he's used to it the other way around. "What?" Lila lifted her head to his ear and whispered seductively,"I want more." She laid her head back to look at her handsome captain. Eo gave a sinister smile and said,"You don't have to tell me twice." and kiss her hard and deep and began to follow through with his very first command.