Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola on
Caroline's Feelings for Klaus and Tyler's Whereabouts

The surprisingly touching birthday moment that The Vampire Diaries gave Caroline and Klaus was just the beginning. At the Originals’ fancy ball in tonight’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), the hybrid and the blonde vamp get even closer. But how does she really feel about him, and where in the world is Tyler? TVLine went to Candice Accola for answers.

TVLINE | When tu read the script for “Our Town” and saw the Klaus/Caroline scene, what was your reaction?

Even though we don’t really know what is going to happen, sometimes tu get very vague plot points. The writers say, “This is a possibility that we’re looking into.” There’s been a thousand plot points that have never come to fruition, but this one has kind of been tossed around. We’ll see. The characters are just so unlikely [together]. What I amor about it is that it does very much harken back [to Season 1] when [Caroline] sits down with Bonnie and is like, “Why does Elena always get the guy? Why is it never me? I try so hard. Why isn’t it ever me?” So it’s a funny thing. Now, finally, Caroline is catching the eye of the guy, but he just so happens to be the evil, bad guy. [Laughs] She finally got what she wanted, but not really in the way that she wanted it.

TVLINE | How is Caroline feeling about Klaus at this point?
Caroline has a lot of resentment towards Klaus because of the fact that he turned Tyler into a hybrid, and Tyler is now sired to him. He took away something that Caroline really loved and that really can’t be dado back. So she’s very angry with him. She’s very resentful of him. But Caroline and Klaus haven’t interacted a lot, so I think she’s also aware of how powerful he is. She has to steer clear. … Caroline hasn’t been in the thick of all the big major plotting going on. But now that she has been hurt as a result of Klaus turning Tyler, she is now on board to bring him down.

TVLINE | But they share a dance in this week’s episode.
There is a dance. There are pictures floating around of Caroline and Klaus dancing, but what brings them to dance, we haven’t seen that. What results from the dance, we haven’t seen yet. And whether there’s an ulterior motive o not within the dance, we haven’t seen yet.

TVLINE | Could tu see this relationship evolving into a real romance?
There’s a possibility for anything and everything. The fact that Klaus and Caroline have even been put on the mesa, tabla to begin with shows there really is a possibility for anything.

TVLINE | One of the concerns about a potential Klaus/Caroline relationship is, what would it say about Caroline, considering he’s threatened her friends and family? Is that something she’s struggling with?
Caroline is definitely not viewing Klaus as the nice guy. She’s not like, “Ooh! He’s got an edge!” She knows he’s an extreme, evil killer. But at the same time, Caroline recognizes and learns from even just being around Katherine that… tu can’t back down. tu can’t mostrar fear. tu can’t allow yourself to be backed into a corner. tu have to stand up and be strong. She’s been watching characters like Katherine o Damon o Stefan and seeing how they really do have a backbone. tu have to fake it even if tu are scared. That’s what we’re going to see in Caroline as well.

TVLINE | Are tu getting to share any scenes with the other Original characters now?
Um… [Pauses] Yes.

TVLINE | Anything else tu can share?
No. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Where’s Tyler? We haven’t seen him for a couple of episodes.
He has gone to work on himself [and] to learn how he can not fall prey to [having been] sired so he can take control back over his life. It’s because of Klaus that Tyler even bit Caroline to begin with. In order to fight for her and fight for himself, he’s taking the time to learn how to not be controlled por Klaus.

TVLINE | What are tu most excited about with the upcoming episodes?
I’m excited for the fans to be just as thrown as I was with what the writers have in store. I’m excited for the big ball [airing this week]. Everyone’s been stressing how beautiful it is. … It’s going to be a history lesson, and we’re going to be introduced to some new characters. There’s a flashback episode coming up. A lot of really great things [will happen] leading up to the [season] finale, which at this point, I have no idea where the writers are going to take it. But they really put themselves in a beautiful, beautiful position of open opportunities to just shock the hell out of audiences.