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Canada24 posted on Jul 02, 2016 at 07:22PM
The video from the movie HEAT (linked below), made me want to do an actual Role Play, with bank robbers..

I mean, who DOSEN'T like a good Bank robbery scene.. Like in
* Dark Knight
* Point break
* Grand Theft Auto'
* The Town
* Even family guy

Anyway.. Please add in your characters and stuff..

* Do not kill off other people's characters without permission (though hospitalizing them can be okay, long as it's necessary for the story).
* Do not "God-Mode" characters.. I hate that.. ANYONE can die.. Their only human
* Bank Robbery doesn't need to be the "only" focus.. This is a GTA related, criminal underworld. OTHER heists also happen.
* No fighting with each other (outside the story).. This isn't the place
* No limits on gender, race, or sexuality on the characters.. It's a free world :)
* This is set in current time, so no future stuff, or cowboy stuff.
* Your allowed more than one character.. No limits
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