Trevor Philips: (insulting misceláneo citizen) tu look like tu struggle with simple tasks.

Trevor Philips: [intentionally running into somebody] Oh, por the way, that's entirely your fault.

Trevor Philips: tu make me want a lobotomy!

Trevor Philips: I know why they call'em handlers, 'cause they handle like a dream.
Floyd Herbert: This ain't a toy, sir. It's heavy machinery.
Trevor Philips: Thank fuck I'm high as a kite.
Floyd Herbert: tu should not be operating this vehicle while under the influence.
Trevor Philips: I'll operate tu under the influence if you're not careful.

Nervous Ron Jakowski: tu see, my buddy, my friend, my mentor and my new life... We'll just call him Philip. Philip Trevors. Yes, his name's Philip. When my friend Trevor, uhh, my friend Philip... he's such a guy, a man. I really wanna get him on my mostrar but man, he doesn't want to. Even left his message.
Trevor Philips: Ron. Ron, tu there? tu better not put me on your mostrar tu fucking prick o I will drink the blood from your still pumping veins!

Wade Herbert: That's cool. What was the troll's name?
Trevor Philips: Mike... Michele.
Wade Herbert: A lady troll?
Trevor Philips: He had TITS like one, but no, he was a boy.

Trevor Philips: I asked for a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. Well, he kinda got a little angry. So, I admit, I kinda got a little angry too.
Michael De Santa: Did tu kill him?
Trevor Philips: What kinda fucking animal do tu take me for? No, I didn't kill him!
[Michael sighs with relief]
Trevor Philips: But I DID kidnap his wife!

Trevor Philips: [hitting another car] tu wanna end up in the el maletero, tronco of this thing?

Trevor Philips: [hitting another car] This car is going to be parked outside YOUR house.

Trevor Phillips: THE O'NEIL BROTHERS HUH!?... Are tu shitting me!?... Cause a little birdy told me they have a bit of a problem... Cause one of them is gonna have to be surgically FROM THE SKULL OF THE OTHE! FUCK tu GUYS! AND FUCK THEM!!

Wade Herbert: There's two Michael Townleys living in LS. One is 83 and the other is in kindergarten. I asked the teacher to put him on the phone just to be safe. She threatened to call the cops. I ain't no molester, Trevor.
Trevor Philips: Shut up before I molest you, alright.

Trevor Philips: Now go. I need to meditate. o masturbate. o both.

Trevor: I'll oscilación por and sign the contacts.. Just ignore the bodies.

Trevor: I can be myself out here. Bullying, reckless, totally selfish. Do the things that make me, me.

Michael: Yeah well… I got in a bit of an awkward situation
Trevor: You’re telling me, bro... One of those fake your own death to your best buddy, run off with the dough, and live in a big mansion awkward situation.

Lazlow: I didn’t mean anything por it, c’mon
Trevor: Yeah, well that little girl sat on my lap when she was two years old and I swore to god that I would rip the fucking skin off of anyone who FUCKIN WRONGED HER!!

Trevor: Why? Oh why? Do tu exist!?

Trevor: (greets Ron) Your a creepy, paranoid, poor excuse for a man.

Trevor: (being chased por cops) Hey, it was an accident! His head just came off, i had nothing to do with it!

Trevor: (shooting army men) The MOOSE really IS loose, NOWW!!