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posted by CalliesAwesome
Hi I'm Callie . There's something about me tu would wanna know. tu wanna know? Well, ummmm maybe um...... Okay fine I'll tell tu because your bugging me to much. Okay once my bff Jordan Oliver (user on fanpop named Warriorcatsfan, kinda dorky huh?) was drawing with SHARPIES!!!!!!! I wanted to use a few so I asked her. She just looked at me like I was a maniac!!!! Anyways I asked her and she BLEW UP ON ME LIKE A CRAZY RACCOON!! (Seriously like a raccoon !) I'm just like okay, okay fine don't let me use your freakin SHARPIES!!!!!!!! So then I blew up on HER like a CRAZY maniac raccoon!!!!! I got in big trouble cause she like chased me in circles!!!! OH CRAP!!!! She blew up on me right NOW!!!!!!! ( She just burped ewwwww!) Shes touching me right NOW!!!! I'm about to BLOW UP ON HER!!!! I told her to STOP but she DIDN'T!!!!!! Sorry but i gotta go I gotta little things to take care of with a AX and a LITTLE PERSON NAMED JORDAN!!!!!!!