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amazondebs posted on Jul 06, 2008 at 05:38PM
well since people seem to be enthusiastic about the idea in this pick

i thought i would get the ball rolling as soon as

basically a rewatchathon is a geeky thing fans do, where they get together and re watch a series they all love

i thought we could use this forum to plan it and then discuss buffy as we watch along together, it will also be a place to revisit old picks, images and fan vids and hopefully people will think of new content as we go along

if you do not own the dvds it does matter all the episodes are up on the site and if one version does not work for you i promise to find you one that will :D

EDIT: i am planning on making a soapbox with all the rules and placing it in a couple of places, to spike a bit of interest in old buffy fans as well that aren't as active in this spot, the more the merrier, so i have edited this first post, with the general rules and gist as to what i'm putting in to the soapbox and it is also so anyone interested and wanting to know all the information doesn't have to read through all the posts

the buffy rewatchathon forums is for all the buffy fans gather and re-watch together the series buffy the vampire slayer and discuss it all together. Any buffy fan can join us, from the most hardcore of us to those that are new, to old fans who want to rekindle their buffy love, so long as you are caught up with episodes and discussion you are welcome to join us at any time, if you happen to be reading this at a later date...

rules and guidelines
considering we will be entering a world where demons can be your best friend, your mortal enemy or your lover, reality can bend and everyone lies about their dark secrets we don't much like rules nor do us rebels in leather coats obey them so we really have more guidelines than a strick handbook of rules

-firstly you don't need to own the dvds to join us, of course if you do then great but there are two versions of all the episodes on the spot and i will post the links to them in the forum and make it my mission to find more versions if these do not work for you

-the first buffy rewatchathon on fanpop will start on sunday the 20th :D

-we will be working by american eastern time, you can check this whenever you like on this handy little link we don't watch the episodes at a specific time, but we will be watching every sunday, the clock is pretty much there for when there's such huge time differences we're on different days

-like i said more like guidelines, we're not going to spy on you and put cameras in your gnomes to make sure you watch it on sunday but discussions won't start until the next day on monday, allowing everyone to have watched the episodes

-we will watch two episodes at a time, we know buffy is addictive so please restrain yourself from carrying on, or if you do, wait for the next week to discuss it

-this will not be a spoiler free discussion, so i wouldn't recommend it to a first time buffy watchers unless your a spoilerholic and want to know everything before it happens. Considering that joss whedon is famous for his continuity storylines is perfectly fine to talk about future episodes for a reason but we'll try and stick to the episodes at hand

-couples discussion and debate is allowed so long as it relates to the episode in the discussion and so long as it is not just flinging insults at characters, most of these rules are very flexible but one thing we will NOT allow is insulting other fans. Discussions can get heated due to the serious issues the show addresses but under no circumstance should any of these debates become personal

-of course this will spark of more interest and content but do check and see if it's there first and if the image, fan vid, picks ect has already been posten the don't post it again but put a link in the forum to avoid repeat content

ideas for discussion

these are just some ideas for discussion and things to consider when watching, if you have any more please list them and i'll edited them in

-pop culture and references
-character's growth and relationships
-action, special effects and stunts
-unusual features of a episode
-issues within the home and society and metaphors
-villain quality

i think that's pretty much everything, everyone needs to know, anything else i would need to add to this soapbox?
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hace más de un año amazondebs said…
okay hmmm planning

i think the easiest way to do it would be to watch one or two episodes a week on selected days

obviously the weekend will probably be best for most people so maybe one day from the weekend and it would be kinda ironic if we watched it on Tuesdays (us airing day..i think) or Thursdays (uk airing day)

ideas? thoughts?
hace más de un año nosemuffin said…
Well, Tuesday (or Thursday) is almost a different day for me than it is for you, and it's definitely a different day for me than for an Australian. Hmmm, do we have any Australian Buffy fanatics in here? If we do weekends or else just a 2 or 3 day block of days, it will probably be easiest for everyone to fit it in. And if that's the case, I'm good with any set of days you pick.

Oh, and I like the idea of watching two or three episodes at a time. Almost like a movie. And in discussion we might find similar themes or whathaveyous. And it will certainly make the two parters less of a bitch.
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hace más de un año amazondebs said…
ahh yeah good point hmmmm we could go buy fanpop time and day

day blocks days?

okay yeah we could watch them together on one day that would probably make it easier to watch them together just one day a week
hace más de un año jackiehyde4eva said…
ok well im an australian buffy fanatic i love this idea i only have the first 2 season coz money is a serious issue right now but now i know they have em on fanpop yay uh how can u tell what fanpop time is exactly coz ive posted a response before and its bout 9pm in australia but 3am on fanpop time
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hace más de un año amazondebs said…
fanpop time is easy, you write a comment and edit it and it will say last edited at so and so

obviously it would just be around that time when ever people could fit just to make sure we're on the same day lol

so anyone have any preference days? like i said probably weekends is when people seem most free?

and when does everyone want to start?
hace más de un año Jillywinkles said…
Yeah I'm most free on weekends, but any day is fine with me, I could always fit in a Buffy in the evening.
I'm ready to start right now if you want ;)! Should we give it a week or something to make sure everyone knows about it?
hace más de un año jackiehyde4eva said…
i dont have any preference days um maybe you should wait two weeks to make sure everyone knows but i dont mind but if you start it really soonishly im depressed lol coz im going to away to melbourne for two weeks and wont be able to do it coz no computers but if you start soon ill just join in when i get back thanx for the thing on fanpop time
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hace más de un año SuperGirl said…
Yeah this sounds like an awesome idea:D I have loads of time because i'm on summer holidays atm so any day and time would be fine with me, it just depends on what suits other people:)
And i agree with Jillywinkles, it would probably be best if we waited a week so that more people know about it*-)
hace más de un año SuperGirl said…
Oh i didn't see jackiehyde4eva's comment, okay or maybe 2 weeks then, i don't really mind
hace más de un año jackiehyde4eva said…
oh i dont mind i dont wanna inconvienience people
hace más de un año tisha said…
For some reason, I'm really excited for this rewatchathon! I rewatch episodes on my own anyway, so I'll definitely participate. It doesn't matter to me when we start, so if people want to wait one or two weeks it's fine.
hace más de un año amazondebs said…
okay guys if i do a little advertising how about we

start either sunday the 13th? or sunday the 20th?

if people come in late they can always catch up

shall we say we shall watch two episodes at a time so it will take us 6 weeks to finish season 1

and once we get season 4 of buffy we could maybe do one of buffy followed by one of angel?
hace más de un año nataliejade said…
Yeah that sounds like a great idea :] Welldone for coming up with this.. Such a great plan.

Me&My friend Harriet, have Buffy weekends, where all we do is watch Buffy :]
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hace más de un año nosemuffin said…
The date sounds good to me. Maybe start 13th/20th and have discussion due (not to make it sound like homework, lol) the 14th/21st?
hace más de un año amazondebs said…
lol buffy homework is homework i can live with! love your new icon by the way nosemuffin you always seem to have really good ones of buffy

so anyone want to decide which date it is, i picked sunday because i presumed most would be free then plus with it being a religious day i figure less vampires will try and attack us while we're watching
hace más de un año nosemuffin said…
Just so that I (and potentially others as well) don't get mixed up or miss the time, and we can all be on the same page, how can you tell the official Fanpop time?

P.S. Thanks Debs! I wasn't going to use another Buffy at first, but I just loved this image.
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hace más de un año ArabellaElfie said…
Just tell me when and I shall schedule my shifts around it. I might be behind on weekends if we do evenings (USA Eastern time)but I'll make it work. Just so you all know your all signing up to scroll through some of my long essays.

I love the Buffy icon Nose! It's very season sixish.

Debs, have I informed you yet of the rockage of this idea? No? Well, yes, it rocks.
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hace más de un año jackiehyde4eva said…
im good with sundays but wont it be difficult coz if we all live round the world isnt your sundays like someone else monday or saturday
oh if you guys have time could you please answer my new buffy pick
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hace más de un año amazondebs said…
already answered it :D

well since this is a forum not like a chat room, we don't all need to watch it at the exact same time, as otherwise some would be watching it at 3 in the morning lol

glad sunday works for most though, are you sure your alright arabella?

okay since most users and the fanpop four are based there how about USA eastern time, also i found a nifty little clock on that time that we can go on when ever we want

does that work for everyone? i think uk user are 5 hours ahead,
and austalia are 13 hour ahead.. i think

so obviously it will be pretty varied as to what time people can watch them but as close as you can to american tea time or evening...does that work for everyone?

another couple of things we need to sort before we begin, the main thing should this all just be keept to one forum? e.g. we could have one for general discussion and one to revisit content,

should their be bangel vs spuffy discussion allowed (so long as it relates to the story we have watched so far) or you know any couple vs couple discussion, but that's obviously the main one

another thing is any rules like
-are user allowed to join in a later season
-should we discuss later episodes or just pretend like this is a first time
-should there be and hated towards characters allowed (i mean proper discussion not just "that bitch" but i know some people get a bit touchy about certain characters being insulted)
hace más de un año jackiehyde4eva said…
ok wow you've though of like everything ah i think users should be able to join on in later seasons coz what if they've just joined fanpop and thus no way coulda known bout it before um maybe we should just pretend like its the first time in case anyone whos aprat of this hasnt seen all the episodes and i think there should be able to be hate towards characters (eg im not rileys biggest fan) as longs as its done tastefully? i love the idea of bangel vs spuffy or any other couple discussion and i dont mind bout the other forums but would it be a bit confusing for everyone or would there be links from this page onto them (i dont even know if thats possible so ignore me if i sound idiotic i dont get a lot of computer stuff)
oh an maybe tea time US could be difficult depending in which country you live coz sunday dinner time here is like 8 in the morning so it could be hard for people who have like school/jobs in countries of simialr time zones but then againi suppose they could always join in conversation when they get home
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hace más de un año tisha said…
American tea time *laughs*
You're the first person I've ever heard say that, debs.
And that works out great for me, since I already follow US Eastern time.

And I think I agree with everything jackie said.
- I agree with the forum idea; if we use a lot of different forums it could get confusing so all the discussion should be kept to one.
- Definitely couple discussion allowed!
- Hmmm I guess it would be fine if new users are allowed to join in a later season because Buffy continues to gain fans everyday.
- Pretend like it's the first time. Well, I mean, we already know what's going to happen, but stick to discussing what's happened so far.
- Hatred toward a character should be allowed if it's appropiate. Just comments like "I hate her" are useless.
hace más de un año amazondebs said…
ha ha ha ha what wrong with tea time? what do you guys over in yankie land say? lol you know i mean that in nicest way possible, i mean joss is American so you can't all be bad ;p
hace más de un año nosemuffin said…
I think that Bangel vs. Spuffy should be allowed, but only if it pertains strongly to the episode at hand. The first season is obviously going to be strongly Bangel, so I think that we should keep Spuffy out of it as much as possible, unless we're making a direct or constructive comparison, and vice versa with the Spuffy seasons (basically just use it as sparingly as personally possible). That way we can be respectful of each others' ships and we may even start to see each others' points of view.

I think the fact that we've all seen the episodes should NOT be ignored because it's actually an advantage. Before each episode we can come up with a checklist of things to look out for and think about. Or we could just come up with a general checklist.. It might look something like this:

1. Notable dialogue: Best lines, worst lines, metafiction, most resonating dialogue

2. Episode theme, (e.g. cliche turned on it's head, metaphore) and how it was executed. Was it effective, too subtle, or overblown?

3. Character Growth

4. Action and special effects

5. Villain quality

6. Directing/Editing

I'm sure there are many more, those are just some examples of things to watch for in each episode. And obviously we wouldn't be obligated to discuss each and every thing listed, they're just options in case they're particularly notable for any given episode.

As far as rules go, I already said that I think this couple vs. that couple should be ok WHEN relevant. And it is an advantage that we've seen them so we shouldn't pretend we haven't. I think that insulting characters should be allowed.. because we shouldn't have to hide our feelings about something. But, we should keep it as respectful as possible. Curse words should be used for emphasis only, sparingly, and never towards another fan or their opinion.

I think that new users should be welcomed, as long as they're active in the forums. I mean, someone who isn't familiar with the series to begin with is unlikely to join partway through, and even if they do, it's a fresh perspective and that's never a bad thing.

As far as forums go, I think keeping it in just one might get a little cluttered. What about 1 forum per season? Per episode might be a bit much, but if go by season and the forums end up just too long, we could always amend it.

And.. the time works great for me. You rock Debs, this is a great idea.
hace más de un año amazondebs said…
hmmm okay shall i put the checklist for discussion at the top? rather than repeating it every episode? yes i think one forum per season works great! by the time we've finished it will be time for dollhouse *psych*

i pretty much agree with the everything said on insulting characters and the couples debates so far,

and also i brought up new fans joining us because, saul_mikoliunas is currently making her way through the seasons (oh yes i turned her in to one of us...although she likes bangel, dam it but she prefer oz and willow, whoo!) and at the rate she's going and since she seems to love it, i'll be she'll want to join us round about season 2 lol

as far date i hate to wait for buffy but so far we have about 8 people interested and it would be nice to have it all sorted properly with as many fans as possible from the start so shall we agree on 20th? and discussion can start on the 21st? (still running by American eastern time?)

i don't think you can spam forums, because they just drop back, so shall we carry on with this, as season 1, since it's the shortest anyway or start afresh
hace más de un año amazondebs said…
okay i have edited the first post with everything so far and put it in soapbox form and i will post once you guys approve,
i was thinking of putting it on the television spot as a lot of older buffy fans that don't take part in the spot any more might be interested like lila856, or it might spark of a idea for fans of other finished shows
hace más de un año nosemuffin said…
I think maybe we should start fresh with a season 1 forum?

That way, we can keep this one open just for new people who want to sign up and information about scheduling and where we're at episode-wise.

And yeah, put it out there. Lila once said that she stopped watching after Spike left.. which leads me to believe early season 3? So I think that if we could convince her (and others) to watch it again, it would really grow on her (them).
hace más de un año nosemuffin said…
Also, great job on the concepts, guidelines, and idea sections! =D
hace más de un año amazondebs said…
how strange i'm sure said she never watched the earlier seasons.....but surely she didn't stop watching after seeing red?

and yeah i think season 1 afresh would be best clean slate an all

oh edited in one more rule, the one at the end of the guidelines are
hace más de un año nosemuffin said…
Maybe it was just later seasons she watched, I'm not sure. All I read was "I stopped watching after Spike left". And well, he was in it until the end so I just assumed she meant after he left the first time. Alas, only Lila knows for sure, lol.
hace más de un año ArabellaElfie said…
To answer the question from page one, as far as I am aware I am currently fine Debs, actually peachy, my skin has this nice fruity glow to it at the moment and the little hairs on your arm....ok, ending that thought.

I agree with pretty much everything. I think a forum per season is perfect and it might be best to start a new one and leave this one for sign ups.

As far as the fresh perspective idea (pretend it's our first viewing), I'm thinking we should instead look for foreshadowing. Who knows what one fan missed and another picked up. Dawn is hinted at in season 3 but doesn't show until 5 for example.

On the shipping note, I believe we should all be very respectful of all ships. No cannonballs allowed sort of thing, critizing a turn in a relationship is fine but be able to back it with episode facts and be polite about it. I know many of us aren't Briley fans but don't say that they are rubbish just because you do not like them, cite facts and inject your thoughts in a tasteful and meaningful manner.

I think our feelings shouldn't be censored as far as character love or hate but, once again, don't bash and present reasoning.

See Debs, I basically just said what you did in a longer more drawn out way. Soapbox looks to be ready for shipment to me.
hace más de un año ArabellaElfie said…
Here is the list I have (from the forum) of who we have so far, just so we have a list of sorts.

AmazonDebs (aka- Joss)
hace más de un año amazondebs said…
oh and just editing in one more at the begining of the guidelines for those worried about watching and such
hace más de un año amazondebs said…
ahhh spanks arabella for that list and i meant are you alriht with it being on sunday, i don't want to you to change your whole rota and our accounts
hace más de un año ArabellaElfie said…
Lol, whatever day works for the majority shall be fine for me. No need to switch things up on my account. Besides, for Buffy and you guys I shall move mountains! I only have a spoon...well, actually it's a spork...and it's plastic...but I shall prevail, moving them one sporkfull at a time.

I make my own schedule anyways so I can arrange for it if I need to. Thanks, by the way for the concern. I promise to deliever my essays so you may all giggle at the bumbling Spuffiate.

The post is fantastic by the way, love how we're all duster wearing rebels!
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hace más de un año amazondebs said…
have i ever told you i love you! i am actually rolling around on the floor laughing

shall i ship away the soapbox then? any fans that want to add anything i will edit it
hace más de un año ArabellaElfie said…
Be carefull! My spork is on the floor! You could...who am I kidding? It's a spork! You might wind up with little itty bitty indents...or break my spork *glare* lol

Debs, how can I not love you? It's sort of required fanpoppism, especially for the Buffy nuts (or legumes, technically).

I think the soapbox is ready...wait, you might want to mention the free virtual popcorn. I have more then we could ever get through, I have a room virtually filled with popcorn and it does expire so we much comsume en masse.

Oh, forgot before, tea time? So going into my vocab. I used wanker the other day, I was so proud of myself that I had to stop and pat my back. People stare but that's just because they can't get over the Buffy love radiating off of me. It's bright and fire-like...sometimes it burns but I think there is a cream for that.

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hace más de un año jackiehyde4eva said…
ok im reading this and you guys are hilairious love the spork thing but what do you guys say instead of tea time i say it all they time whats it called over there
ok yeah i agree forums for every season is perfect would there be links to it from this page ?
hace más de un año amazondebs said…
oh yeah good point, jackie...can i call you jackie or would you prefer sam?

anyways yes once we create these forums i'll put links up in the orignal post so everyone can find everything at the top

and yes i would also like to know? what you guys say? dinner? cause that's a lunch for us, supper, cause that's in the evening for us?
and lol arabella, be proud to be buffy british!
if you really want some proper british phrase though t
always say arse!!! it's not ass! a ass is a donkey
oh and if some one said to me they had "bangs" and i had never watched american tv i would of thought they had got seriously laid last night...i'm not sure you should use that in conversation but little info lol
oh and another favorite of mine, i think spike uses this... or is it in a buffy book? anyways "dogs bollocks" which for some reason means awesome :D
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hace más de un año ArabellaElfie said…
In real life (apparently I am virtual here so I don't exist here? What does that phrase mean?), well anywho, in my life away from here people fail to understand my humor because it is wrapped in long rants (like this). Usually I wind up smirking to myself which leads them to a different kind of conclusion (but perhaps not a wrong conclusion).

I don't know if it varies from state to state but where I hail from (though I do not know what I am hailing) we generally do the morning/afternoon/evening thing with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and various snacking in between. We are like Hobbits but just don't name the meals - in fact we don't acknowledge them in hopes our hips decide to play along with the ruse. Oh, I'm on Long Island in New York in case those in say Virginia have different lingo.

A linking system sounds like an ace idea. Good one
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hace más de un año jackiehyde4eva said…
oh i dont mind what you call me im so excited over this i was telling my mum and she laughed at how happy i was bout this and also what exactly are bangs are they some sort of hair thing coz i watch a lot of american tv show but i never exactly know what it is
this i gonna be great
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año ArabellaElfie said…
Yup, bangs is when you have your hair cut so it hangs in front of your forhead (a la your Buffy icon).

Debs, we posted in sync! See that Nika! Ha, Ha, Nika! I have timestamped proof that Debs and I aren't the sa....she's not on this forum...well Ha, Ha, Ha anyway. My cackle is an evil cackle.

I'm all curious now, what are bangs (the US hair kind, not the ones you mentioned Debs - how dare you scar my tender fragile, innocent psyche!) called in the UK? I don't want to sound like and ignorant arse (I'm learning) but I'm now very curious. It could kill me, I'm catlike here.

I second jakie/sam, this is going to be great, spectacular, fantastic, fantabulous, awesome, grand, and the dog's bollocks!
hace más de un año jackiehyde4eva said…
ok well im not from UK but in Australia bangs are a fringe (eg my buffy icon which is a side fringe )
so after season 3 of buffy finishes are we gonna watch angel too?
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hace más de un año amazondebs said…
yup we also call it a fringe... think you guys think of that to put on your cowboy boots ;p
hace más de un año amazondebs said…
yo guy's we're up and running :D
hace más de un año ArabellaElfie said…
Thanks Jackie! See, now I can say fringe instead of bangs because I now have different associations with that word.

I believe the plot (we don't plan, we plot) is to do Buffy 1 through 3 and then add Angel in to the mix, going from two Buffys to a Buffy and an Angel (a Bangelthon? That would help launch the concept in a few spots...). Debs, do you have a ruling on this?

I was going through the soapbox and have to say I love the little things you put in, for example;
"...to spike a bit of interest..." perhaps I am just a Spike legume that sees hidden meanings or that was on purpose. Either way I'm giddy.
hace más de un año ArabellaElfie said…
OMG, LOL! We, once again, posted at the same time Debs and when I posted my comment I saw that you posted the real soapbox and this had me cracking up, rolling on the floor and destroying what's left of my spork;
"...forums or updates so this is to spike a little interest...get it... spike? anyways this is also..."
hace más de un año NikaDawson said…
Lol, I've come to the forum, so far I agree with basically everything said. I will definately participate if I can find time to do so. My schedule is kind of undecided right now. Though, maybe there should be a rule that no bashing be allowed?

Anyway, having an uncle who lives in Long Island, and living close to New York myself, basically, my meals are all the same as Arabella's, lol.

hace más de un año jackiehyde4eva said…
a bangelathon wouldbe cool i like that word and lol ur welcom arabella
ok ive geen wondering this for a while how do you say bangel is it like the bracelet or like the vampire?
hace más de un año NikaDawson said…
I say it like the bracelet. Usually when I was watch Buffy I tend to have Spuffythons, lol.
hace más de un año ArabellaElfie said…
Oh, Nika and I are close. We can get a nonvirtual lair! Oh, and Nika, see that Ha comment....You know I love you right? It was all in fun, of course.

When I say Bangel aloud to myself it sounds like the bracelet to me. People might think me mad if they see me right now, sitting indian style (both legs crossed), sucking on a root beer candy, saying Bangel slowly aloud while my itunes randomly plays.

No bashing, unless there are trolls...so we may bash in Triangle only.