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amazondebs posted on Mar 19, 2008 at 12:22AM
i've seen this on a couple of other forums and thought it might be fun to do on buffy

How to play
unfortunately we can not do, proper hangman as we can not drawn the actual hangman, so it's sort of more like guess the word or phrase

1. someone starts a round by thinking of a word or phrase it has to be something related to buffy though, it can be anything from a episode name, to a quote, a character name, to a item or relic (e.g. urn of osirus). The person writes out this word or phrase in a hidden form. You use _ to represent letters and / to represent spaces in between words so buffy the vampire slayer would be

_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _

2. Other players then guess letters e.g.


3. the person that started the round then fills in the blanks that contains the letter or letters that have been guessed e.g.

_ _ _ _ _/_ _ E/_ _ _ _ _ _ E/_ _ _ _ E _

the person who started the round must also keep score of what has been guessed e.g.

_ _ _ _ _/_ _ E/_ _ _ _ _ _ E/_ _ _ _ E _

letters guessed= E,

4. Once you think you have figured out the word or phrase you can guess what it is, anyone can guess at any time

5. If you have guessed it correctly you can start your own round or pass and the next person on the forum can start a new round and it all starts again

1. Once you have started a round with your word or phrase, you must finish it, if you decide you don't want to play anymore, leave the answer or just say something so someone else can start a new round and the game is not left hanging

2. you can only guess one letter or phrase at a time

3. no more than 4 people may guess at a time, to allow the person who started the round to come back and fill in the letters

4. The word of phrase must be spelt correctly and be within buffy and can not be anything that is just about buffy or offensive to other fans so 'spuffy is rubbish' or 'buffy has seven seasons' would be no nos.
Also make sure you use something from buffy the vampire slayer, the TV program as not everyone watches angel or reads the comics. If your stuck for something and can't think of anything try looking on the link , the link or the link

5. you must wait for confirmation that your guess is correct before starting a new round

If you don't understand anything or want to change any of the rules, do just say
make your round as hard or as easy as you want it to be and everybody have fun!
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