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Bangtan Boys Out of the vocal line who do tu think has the best voice?

28 fans picked:
 uploaded900 posted hace 12 meses
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sarabeara picked Jimin:
I personally just love his voice. It's so unique and those high notes get me every time. And I can't even say I'm biased, because I thought his voice was best before I could even tell the members apart and had picked a fav xD
posted hace 9 meses.
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Hope_bts picked Jimin:
I totally love jiminie's voice though he is not my bias, my bias is v.. but jimins voice is naturally beautiful.. the rest of the vocalist gut beautiful voices too but jiminies one tops
posted hace 7 meses.
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Taliya3 picked Jungkook:
I love kookie I pick jungkook
posted hace 7 meses.