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arham_jpg posted on Nov 24, 2016 at 02:20PM
Let's start a story about BTS with a line! Write one line keep on continuing! Let's see how this goes~

Here I go!

"One day Jimin came home..."

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hace más de un año sarabeara said…
and there was a wrapped present waiting for him at the door.
hace más de un año arham_jpg said…
He crouched down and pried the lid off the box and saw an adorable puppy before it jumped on him, licking his face and wagging his tail with excitement.

(Just imaging this makes my heart melt aww)
hace más de un año 1username said…
While Jimin was playing with the puppy Suga entered the room.
hace más de un año sarabeara said…
Suga pretended to be disgusted upon seeing the puppy (hey, he has an aloof reputation to uphold after all), but couldn't stop himself from smiling when it started jumping up to reach him.
hace 10 meses AKpopUserName said…
Jungkook then entered the room, and secretly started taking pictures of Suga and the puppy