brucas The yearly BL awards! 2009

livelovelaugh posted on Nov 19, 2009 at 01:17AM
Ok so for those of you who were here last year we had a BL awards which was really successful so i think its time for this years!
i need people to post me categories etc so we can have a big list!
our family is bigger than last year and we have been through so much!
I think we should push away all the troubles and include EVERYONE! there is some people on here some dislike after all the shit that happened but new year means new start! we should vote fairly and everyone should get a shot!
We of course will have the BL queen of roses which nem won last year so this year someone gets to take her crown! we need to think of a prize for this person as well!
After we have the catogories we can rather nominate people and post picks or just leave it open and send messages like last year the choice is yours!
So if you want to be included post your names and some categories!
Love you all

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