brucas Unexplainable Events/Moments tu love.

dermer4ever posted on Jul 05, 2009 at 06:21AM
So i did this at OTHforums so i thought i would do it here

So is their one Moment that Brucas has shared that you love that had become unexplainable to people who are not a Brucas fan if their is put down which one it is.

I will do art work for this thread.

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hace más de un año brucas4ever said…
okay first when lucas goes to anna and tells her hes gotta be with someone else and that he has a girl in his heart and you think hes talking about peyton that scene is epic

and the red door scene it shows so much love and its so passionate i think its when brooke really notices how much luke really loves her
hace más de un año brucas_naley101 said…
aw Hannah i love them both!
love the idea Terra

i love the scene is s5 during the flashback when they talk about how their life 2gether will be during the carriage ride. i feel lik its a glimpse at wat cud've been had mark not screwed it up.

i also looove the part in s5 wen they r at clothes over bros (used 2 b karen's cafe) & r talking & she says about keeping the sign (& he takes the pic of her). u c that he bleves n her & they r just adorabl standing 2gether :)