brucas The brucas fan Awards 2008 - DONE!

brattynemz posted on Dec 24, 2008 at 07:08AM
So being the cheesy me (lol @ Dawn), it's year end again and I noticed more BL fans are coming to the spot to become active and participate in every activity (Thanks for the support!) a BL fan offers. I think it's the perfect time to
recognize each and every fans efforts and contributions to this spot so in order to do this, we'll have *drumrolls* The Brucas Fan Awards!

Votes have been coming in since Dec30 and here are your results! Let me just say that everyone deserves a round of applause, whether you win or not. I hope this makes everyone aware that all your efforts are appreciated by your fellow fans and this becomes a motivation too. Thank you for participating, see you next year (hopefully)!

PS. I hope no one feels hurt or left out, I mean, we do all these activities for fun and to get closer. It is very tough to choose, and it was a close call (we even have ties) you won't believe it!



Best Brucas Moment by Chlarkfan.
Who do u think is most overrated couple on tv(this is past or present couples as well)? by campluv98.
What type of Brucaser are you? by broody4cheery.
Do you think that if Lucas knows the reason why Brooke broke up with him in 401, things will change? by brattynemz.
What was the saddest moment of Brucas? by Chlarkfan.
If u could bring anyone new to be Brookes new love interest, who would it be? by nikiebaby.
What would be funnier to watch? by sophialover.
Whose speeches do you like better (including the Naley wedding speeches)? by brattynemz.
If something from BL's past was revisited what would you want it to be? by Broody_4_Cheery.

Quiz Questions:
True or False: Lucas Never gave a rats ass about Brooke? by brucas4ever.
Who did lucas originally want standing next to him when all his dreams came true? by dagman16.
When did Lucas start calling Brooke "Pretty Girl"? by sophialover.
How many times has Brooke cried in front of Luke? by sophialover.
T/F lucas and brooke were dating in the ep from the edge of the deep green sea? by jennifer_02.
Mouth said about brucas...? by Broody_4_Cheery.
t/f Peyton told Brooke she wouldn't get between Brucas again..(after season 1) by brucas4ever.
In what ep does brooke give lucas her 82 letters? by jennifer_02.
How many girls has Brooke slaped/punched/kicked ass for tying to/or kissing Lucas? by bl0ndy.
How many times has Brooke cried in front of Luke? by sophialover.

Kristen's second comment - link
Bigdayne - link
vasia - link
brattynemz - link
brattynemz - link
sophialover - "awww too bad pandas are from australia"
brattynemz - link
bigdayne's fourth comment - link

Not my words but THEIRS ♥♥♥ by Janni.
Season 6 Rants: All for Leyton, anyone? by eka-chan.
Keep the faith!!! by Broody_4_Cheery.
Slapped in the face! my rant by Broody_4_Cheery.
Cheesy and Unrealistic LEYTON..(It's a mistery why do we hate them? Well..not anymore!) by sophialover.
A toast to restore your BL faith. by brattynemz.

You're Still The One by irene_p.
Secret Smile.
I Only Want To Be With You by mcewen_girl.
[BE/BL] Love Story by mcewen_girl.
Brooke Davis * The Queen Of Hearts [Signs that BL are ENDGAME] by sophialover.
BL-Promise in the Dark by CatarinaSantos.
Brooke/Lucas * Claire's Rescue by sophialover.
Boston | Brooke&Lucas by livelovelaugh.
If she knew | Brooke&Lucas by sophialover.
Brooke/Lucas (I don't believe you) by Nine00.
Listen to your heart by brucasbutt.

Let it out - come and talk by livelovelaugh.
What If's In Brucas World by dermer4ever.
The Ultimate Brucas fun Contest- Brucas Fans Only (December 8th- December13th) by dermer4ever.
1,559!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!* by brucas4ever.
Let's not bash leyton, let's challenge them. by bigdayne.

The History of Brooke and Lucas <3 by irene_p.
Twilight/Brucas Fan Girl Spot! by mollyx365.
A Reason Why Brucas Are Meant To Be by kuhrissten.
BL won: BuddyTV’s Best Couple of One Tree Hill by Janni.
Mark Schwahn talks about the TRIANGLE* (NEW) by sophialover.

Gallery Pictures:
irene_p - link
Icon - link
jennifer_02 - link
irene_p - link
Brase - link
irene_p - link
irene_p - link
irene_p - link
sophialover - link
irene_p - link
sophialover - link
Nine00 - link
sophialover - link
saBRUCAS - link



Top Pick Contributer - brattynemz.
Top Picture Contributer - irene_p.
Top Icon Contributer - Janni.
Top Fanart Contributer - Chlarkfan.
Top Wallpaper Contributer - sophialover.
Top Screencap Contributer - Kuhriissten.
Top Video Contributer - sophialover.
Top Commenter - dermer4ever/sophialover.
Top Quiz Contributer - jennifer_02.
Top Article Contributer - Janni.

Most Active at Forums - brattynemz.
Overall Top Contributer - sophialover.
BL defender – brucas4ever.
Joker – 1treehillfan.
Mad hater – brucas4ever.
Cheery – Cas_Cat_2.
Broody – Broody_4_Cheery.
FWB (friends with benefits) – livelovelaugh.
Steinbeck – livelovelaugh/dermer4ever.
Newbie – Cas_Cat_2.
Faithful Fan - sophialover.
Queen of Roses – brattynemz. Seriously, I felt bad (although I'm happy, of course, thank you guys!) cause I'm rooting for somebody else! lol.

Fan art: link

Again, congratulations everyone! :)


Art courtesy of our very own Dawn. Thanks Dawn for all the help! :)

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hace más de un año Broody_4_Cheery said…
around how many different titles are we looking at?
hace más de un año jennifer_02 said…
when does this start?
hace más de un año livelovelaugh said…
Nem i will do the icons id be happy 2 once i have the titles etc and i will be PMing you soon coz im soooo helping you with all of this =)
hace más de un año Broody_4_Cheery said…
Here are just some of my ideas for the titles, the first set are the obvious ones

Top Pick
Top Quiz Question
Top Comment
Top Article
Top Video
Top Gallery Picture
Top Forum

BL defender – who defends BL the best
Joker – which BLer makes you laugh the most?
Mad hatter – which BLer gets a little crazy
Cheery – cheeriest BLer
Broody – Broodiest BLer
FWB (friends with benefits) – friendliest BLer
Steinbeck – words of wisdom?
Newbie – top newbie

Top Contributor

Queen of Roses – Overall top BLer

And what about one for like bumping the spot or keeping it alive.

And for the whole voting thing what about a point system, like everyone votes for three people for each title, number 1 = 3 points, 2 = 2 points, 3 = 1 point, and then whoever gets the most points for the title wins it.
hace más de un año mollyx365 said…
^^ Really great ideas. Some of which I was about to list :P

Blah no more good ideas in my head.
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
Great ideas Mickei. I'm gonna post them up. How about the date and time, and process of voting???

Thanks Dawn. :) And Jen I haven't thought about the date because Idk if you guys want an open poll or a one night voting.

Anymore ideas?
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
Err Mickei we need a lot. So everyone can have an award. As much as possible. lol.
hace más de un año mollyx365 said…
I guess we can split up the image awards to like
Top Picture Contributer
Top Icon Contributer
Top Fanart Contributer
Top Wallpaper Contributer
Top Screencap Contributer

Umm, Top Link whatever?

An award that for the BLer who helps everyone keep faith.

Top Pick Commenter
Most Active at Forums

...Some of these are kind of similar to the one Mickei said but I try :P
hace más de un año dermer4ever said…
those are good ideas Mickei and Molly
hace más de un año jennifer_02 said…
yeah they are all awesome ideas i cant think of anymore than what other people have put wiould be be before the end of the year or after?
hace más de un año livelovelaugh said…
we could have things ,like best one liner
most random etc jus stupid little things
hace más de un año Janni said…
Yey Nem^^ you finally got your idea into works^^
My mind is just out now but I'll come up with something.. And I LOVE the ideas you have

And stupid me here, what is PM?
and i have an idea^^
--- our most stupidest BLer:D

hace más de un año dermer4ever said…
Janni PM is personal message
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
Yep PM is private message. :)

Dawn, do you need help in doing the icons? :)
hace más de un año sophialover said…
Stupidest? Nahhh...haha!
Anyways...LOVED the idea Nem. I think we should go for it...
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
Thanks Mary anyway I have to ask each and everyone, when are you available to do this?
hace más de un año Janni said…
Hmm.. I don't know, not today, or sunday, monday, and i don't have the evening of the 31. either. But the 30..?
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
Are you guys okay with the 30th?
hace más de un año sophialover said…
Yep..i think it's Ok. I'm leaving on the 3th of January so yeah....30th works for me.
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
Okay how about the time? Is 8pm too early for you guys?

And the voting process, do you wanna do it secretly or you wanna vote here in the forum?
hace más de un año sophialover said…
As far as i'm concerned i'd prefer to do it secretly hun but still..dunno about the others. Still think it's gonna be more fair if it's secret though. PLUS that we are going to avoid being in someway "hurt" if people we appreciate don't vote for!
And yeah...8pm is TOO early but whatever...what are we gonna do with the hour difference?
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año jennifer_02 said…
8pm US time or UK and was it the 30th?
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
lol I will open the polls Dec30, 12nn (UTC) and it will go on for 12hours, is that okay? Or you want it on for 24hrs?
hace más de un año jennifer_02 said…
UTC? yeah 12 hours if fine with me i dnt mind but when do we come on i u knw u said 8 but is tht 8 our own time? like 8 for usa 8 for uk if it is tht then UK people would be voting first
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
lol sorry yep I made a mistake, 8pm in UTC is 6am in our country, and I can't do that. So I figured I will open the voting process on Dec30 at exactly 12nn UTC time and the voting will end 12hrs after.
hace más de un año jennifer_02 said…
ok cool and r u putting up nominations like on the OTH spot or is it just like free voting and where do we vote do we send them to u or post here? either way is cool with me
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
Nope. This activity is for BL fans only/those who come over the BL spot. :) As Mary said, I prefer secret voting but majority wins, if you guys wanna vote here in the forum then we'll do it here.
hace más de un año jennifer_02 said…
ok i dont mind either way secret or here when will we know were to send our votes?
hace más de un año Janni said…
I suck witht he time thing:P
We are going to have it Dec30^^ Time, and in which timezone?
so confuses:S
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
I'm sorry I can't follow this up regularly but I am going home tomorrow, so def by the 29th I have answers for your questions. Although Dawn is here to help, so you can ask her too if you have other questions in mind. :)
hace más de un año jennifer_02 said…
ok thanks:)
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
Janni don't put yourself down! lol. 12 noon - UTC time. It's the universal time or something like that, lol. That's the best thing I can do for the time difference. I hope to check back again tomorrow though there's a slim chance I will cause I'm leaving tomorrow night so yeah I promise to fix this by the 29th. Sorry for the inconvenience, gtg bye loves!
hace más de un año livelovelaugh said…
what do yas think about this idea where we have a brucas fan achievment award like an award for who we think all round has put alot into the spot the fans and brucas and who we think deseves a medal out of everyone and then we make a spot for them like i mtol has one jus a spot where everyone can join and talk about how great that person is
hace más de un año mollyx365 said…
^^ yeah :)
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
Dawn that's a great idea, how about we make a spot for the winner of Queen of the Roses?
hace más de un año dermer4ever said…
that is a good idea nem i will try and help but i got my hands full with the one on the oth spot.
hace más de un año Cas_Cat_2 said…
Ahh Great idea Nem! <3
Just one question (sorry if is stupid): But how do i know who is in wich categorie?
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año Broody_4_Cheery said…
maybe we should have a list of all the blers as well.
hace más de un año livelovelaugh said…
yeh we should at least the ones who use this spot
hace más de un año Janni said…
Sry that I ahven't been here much.. But love the ideas so far, and i'm sry i won't be able to help you much with this. Cause i wont be home alot before the 30th, have so many plans..
But Still don't get the UTC time;P *stupid*
But thwt time is it in UK, and I'll ajjust to that, so if anyone tells me the time in that time zone,, so:P

I can help start with the list of the blers being here. First we have most of the poeple which has enterd their name on the info spot ;]
that' si what i ahve time to help you now, sry.. I'm not home:P
hace más de un año kuhriissten said…
this is such a cute idea!! props :]
hace más de un año MischaLover said…
oh this is soo awesome! i'm new so i'm just getting to know everybody but i promise to help as much as possible! =]
hace más de un año brattynemz said…

CATIA: You can vote for whoever you want, there are no nominees. :)
hace más de un año Broody_4_Cheery said…
just wait, so when is it happening? is it secret voting or on here?
hace más de un año Broody_4_Cheery said…
scratch that time question, i just saw the big bold writing on the title.
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
I prefer secret voting, is that okay?
hace más de un año Broody_4_Cheery said…
that works, just wanted to know what to do. prob best that way, i have like no idea who im voting for except well i few obvious choices. well obvious imo.
hace más de un año brattynemz said…
Same here. lol.
hace más de un año sophialover said… are we going to vote secretly? Shall we all pm you Nem???
hace más de un año Janni said…
I was wondering the same? Just send you a mail here?